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Posted by on Mar 1, 2009 in Politics | 2 comments

Black US Presidents Before Obama

BLACK PRESIDENTS BEFORE OBAMA: A brilliant study of fictional black presidents by Sean Higgins, courtesy of Doublethink Online. If Eric Holder read this article before giving his “cowardice” speech, he might have saved himself a lot of embarrassment.

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  • Silhouette

    I don’t think they’re fictional. Harding was reported to have african ancestory. Big deal. So one of his relatives tanned better and was less susceptible to skin cancer.

    Time to get over melanin folks; we’ve got a nation to save…!

  • elrod

    Um, how is the fictional portrayal of black Presidents on a few TV shows evidence that Holder is wrong?

    BTW, Holder was not just talking about whites afraid to discuss race. He was also talking about blacks who cocoon themselves into a zone of victimhood without ever venturing out and talking to non-blacks about race. Black defensiveness and white dismissiveness are both elements of the same cowardice to talk openly about race.

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