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Posted by on Jul 27, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment | 40 comments

Birther On Colbert – Oh, This Should Be Good

It seems that Orly Taitz will be showing up on The Colbert Report this week. She will doubtless have her own certified United States birth certificate on hand. Aside from the delicious entertainment such a meeting promises, we should take this chance to attempt predicting some of the highlights. A lot of this will depend on the rationale of Taitz for accepting the interview. Is she simply unaware of Colbert’s format and nobody has had the heart to tell her that he’s not actually an adjunct for Fox News? Or is she aware that she’ll be facing a skeptical audience and is prepared to calmly sit, smiling, and present a rational face to make her argument before a new audience?

First, as to Colbert’s tactics, will he slip in any other conspiracy theory references on her? If so, which one(s) would you bet on?
– 9/11 truthers
– Alien abductions
– Elvis
– Bigfoot

And how will she respond? Will she play along, trying to laugh with the audience? Will she become huffy and begin spouting and sputtering? Will she become derisive toward the audience?

Last… will she finish the interview? Or will she get up and storm out?

There is so little to look forward to on television during the summer, let’s cross out fingers that this one lives up to its potential.

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