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Posted by on Jul 27, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment | 40 comments

Birther On Colbert – Oh, This Should Be Good

It seems that Orly Taitz will be showing up on The Colbert Report this week. She will doubtless have her own certified United States birth certificate on hand. Aside from the delicious entertainment such a meeting promises, we should take this chance to attempt predicting some of the highlights. A lot of this will depend on the rationale of Taitz for accepting the interview. Is she simply unaware of Colbert’s format and nobody has had the heart to tell her that he’s not actually an adjunct for Fox News? Or is she aware that she’ll be facing a skeptical audience and is prepared to calmly sit, smiling, and present a rational face to make her argument before a new audience?

First, as to Colbert’s tactics, will he slip in any other conspiracy theory references on her? If so, which one(s) would you bet on?
– 9/11 truthers
– Alien abductions
– Elvis
– Bigfoot

And how will she respond? Will she play along, trying to laugh with the audience? Will she become huffy and begin spouting and sputtering? Will she become derisive toward the audience?

Last… will she finish the interview? Or will she get up and storm out?

There is so little to look forward to on television during the summer, let’s cross out fingers that this one lives up to its potential.

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  • jwest


    Can you imagine how the press would treat a Republican office holder who wouldn’t release his long-form birth certificate?

    If Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, his mother and grandparents had a compelling reason to place birth announcements in the newspapers and to do an affidavit for a home birth in order to have a paper trail in a custody battle with the Kenyan father.

    Not crazy. Not that far-fetched.

    If there wasn’t any damaging information on the original birth certificate, don’t you think it would have been released by now?

    Where is that famous intellectual curiosity that liberals are so fond of?

    Doesn’t the level of protest in releasing the document give you pause as to what is in there?

  • ham_kimj

    His birth certificate has been released, been examined by multiple organizations and is authentic.

    Intellectual curiosity does not extend to believing something to be true regardless of how many times it’s been proven false. Follow this link – and you too can actually read from non-Fox sources the reality of the authenticity of his birth certificate.

    • jwest


      I accept Obama as the legitimate President of the United States. However, the question remains as to why Obama will not release the original document.

      What you and Fact Check refer to is a Certificate of Live Birth that is generated from certain information contained in the base document. Everything on the FactCheck website is common knowledge and doesn’t address the issue at all.

      This is a problem easily resolved by simply being open and honest. All Obama needs to do is release the original birth certificate. Aren’t you curious as to what is in it and why Obama is fighting its release?

      • Jwest! After all the wonderful conversations we’ve had here, both on the same side and opposing sides, it turns out that you’re actually a birther?!? Or maybe not…

        In your first comment in this thread, you posit some reasons why Obama might not have been born in Hawaii, and label them as “not crazy” and not “far fetched.”

        But then, in your second comment, you turn around and say, “I accept Obama as the legitimate President of the United States.” But if that’s the case, then you accept that he was born in Hawaii, which means that the truther rumors would not only be crazy and far fetched, but patently false. Because if he was born in Kenya, or Indonesia, or New Zealand or wherever it is this week, and only later was brought to the US and naturalized, then he wouldn’t be the legitimate president.

        What exactly do you mean by “damaging” information on the original certificate? (Assuming there is one which has more information on it than the CoLB.) Might it say something “damaging” like his religion at birth was “Muslim?” What would that mean to you? Mine says “Catholic” because my Mom was Catholic, but I’ve been in maybe twenty Catholic masses in my life, all of which were weddings or funerals. I was raised in the Methodist church, like my Dad. Obama was apparently raised as a Christian,and even in his entire adult life, was in a Christian church. (Say what you like about Rev. Wright’s church, it’s still a Christian sect.)

        Would it say the place of birth was someplace other than Hawaii and outside the U.S? If so, then you would be silly to say you accept him as the legitimate President, wouldn’t it?

        Exactly what sort of information do you think we may discover, let’s say in a worst case scenario? I’m honestly curious.

      • Jcavhs

        They aren’t fighting its release – it can’t be released and it can’t be requested by President Obama. According to “The Hawaii Department of Health’s birth record request form does not give the option to request a photocopy of your long-form birth certificate, but their short form has enough information to be acceptable to the State Department. We tried to ask the Hawaii DOH why they only offer the short form, among other questions, but they have not given a response.”

        So President Obama has provided all of the information he can provide.

      • jimimosey

        Even if the President released an original you folks would find some reason that it was forged, falsified or Photoshopped. Common sense, facts and reason do not appear to be words in your lexicon. We keep hearing false rumors of Obama’s family stating he was born in Kenya (disproven), nonsense about pregnant women flying in airplanes (made up), that he won’t release his records (he has released the official birth record of the State of Hawaii and officials of the HI Dept of Statistics and the governor state that he was born in Honolulu, etc., etc., etc. The fact that Obama has been an elected official at the state and senatorial level obviously carries no weight. Nor does that fact that McCain’s and Clinton’s campaigns research and debunked this issue. The FBI and State Department have done background checks on him and he is president of the United States. No amount of “questioning” of factual information is going to make any difference. Like a child that won’t take no for an answer birthers stomp their feet and get all hissy. Sadly, it is not going to make any difference and will not change the fact that we have a mixed race president and does not belong to the Republican Party. Take a deep breath and keep at it. Your party will surely be out of power for a long time to come. Get over it!

    • GeorgiaGeorge

      Sorry, but there is a distinct and verifiable difference in what Obama has released (ie. a COLB or Certificate of Live Birth otherwise known as a short form) and what the so called “birthers” are demanding he release (ie. a Certified Birth Certificate, long form, or vault copy) is a liberal website started by the Obamatrons to deceive the US population in regards to the Usurper In Chief…..

      • ham_kimj

        I understand it’s easier if you don’t cloud an issue with the facts but
        your supposition that Obama’s  birth
        certificate has not been “released” is just not supported with facts. USA Today has another
        article today in which the Director of the Hawaii State Dept of Health
        unequivocally states that the birth certificate is real. The US House
        of Representative in their resolution commemorating Hawaii’s 50th
        anniversary read: Whereas the 44th President of the United States,
        Barach Obama, was born on August 4, 1961… Is the whole House of
        Representatives in on this conspiracy? Where has the FBI, CIA, Homeland
        Security been? Are they all in league with Obama? was started in 2003.   The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, of which is a part was started in 1994.  The forethought and planning that must have gone into deceiving us!  They started a website to check “fact” all the way back in 2003 just to get Obama elected! Amazing
        Get a grip and get
        over it!

  • “Is she simply unaware of Colbert’s format”

    Hard to say…it is true that many on the right think Colbert is with them on the issues (a fact utterly hilarious in and of itself). On the other hand, every once in a while you’ll have a lefty go on BillO for the purpose of getting his or her message to a different crowd than they would normally get to access. Usually, as with on the Colbert Report, it ends poorly for the guest, but occasionally some minds are changed.

  • You’ll have quite a story if Orly Taitz shows up with a US birth certificate; she was born in the former Soviet Union.

  • Almoderate


    Being someone who had a child as recently as 3 years ago, my husband and I were issued a Certificate of Live Birth for our daughter, who was born in Birmingham, AL to two United States citizens who are children and grandchildren of U.S. citizens. Does that mean that our daughter has something to hide apart from the wrist watch she flushed down the toilet not 20 minutes ago?

    What you’re arguing about appears to be wording, as a Certificate of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate are the same thing– an official government document showing when and where you were born and to whom.

    I don’t even have my original birth certificate or certificate of live birth. Rather, I have a copy from the Health Department because my original was lost. The copy Obama released was official, and the State of Hawaii has even stated that they have his birth certificate.

  • JSpencer

    I agree, the potential for entertainment value in a Taitz/Colbert meeting is high. That said, I think I might also enjoy a jwest/Colbert meeting. 😉

  • CoolPillow

    The COLB and the birth certificate are two different things.
    FactCheck is run by Annenberg and Obama (and Bill Ares) were on thie board.

    The document that was on their website was proven to be a photo-shopped fake.

    Obama has spent almost $2 million on teams of attorneys in courts around the country.

    Another issue is that Obama’s father was Kenyan- and he had “dual” citizenship in the UK and Kenya. This also makes Obama a dual citizen- regardless where he was born.

    • StockBoySF

      If you don’t like Fact Check, there’s always Snopes:

      Even my rabid Republican friends who hate Obama with a passion will read Snopes.

      But of course there are people out there unwilling to accept any facts and like to escape into some fantasy land. I guess those people would be Biden supporters since he would become president if Obama stepped down. Or perhaps Pelosi supporters if Biden stepped down at the same time as Obama did (if they had to step down together as a “ticket”). Unless of course the people who want Obama to step down are really Republicans who don’t want Obama to be president so _________________ (fill in the blank….. I don’t know what the Republicans hope to accomplish if they force Obama to step down, McCain ain’t gonna be prez).

  • casualobserver

    Once again, liberals lose the issue because they can’t put it to bed. If the woman is deranged, why is the White House now fielding questions about it?

    Almoderate, if you’re an expert, why is the 2007 printout being used as the “proof” if, as you say,the State of Hawaii says they have the (presumably original) birth certificate?

    Trust me, I’m here to help you, but you can only lead the horse to the water…..

  • casualobserver

    jcavhs……..oh, I get it, it’s the bureaucracy now……..

  • StockBoySF

    What would the right be talking about if Obama had been born in Panama and McCain had been born in Hawaii, assuming McCain produced the exact same documents that Obama has around his birth?

  • qwert321

    So why do you people think he won’t show his 1961 Birth Certificate?

    A lot of people think that Obama is a citizen but is definitely hiding something based on his strange reluctance to release a simple document. Are we birthers too?

  • shannonlee

    Maybe Obama is really half-mexican?

  • ayana

    “Obama has spent almost $2 million on teams of attorneys in courts around the country.”


    I find it amazing that the same group of people who are demanding Obama show proof (again) of his citizenship would so easily, and without any proof, continue to regurgitate this claim. What law firm did he pay this millions of dollars to block release of a birth certificate already verified by the Republican governor of Hawaii?

  • GeorgeSorwell

    I realize everything just adds fuel to the fire.

    But since Obama was born to a US citizen, doesn’t that make him a US citizen by default?

  • mlhradio

    Personally, I hope that the unhinged birther fringe nuts keep up their crusade for many years to come. The entertainment value is worth it alone, sort of like bemusedly watching people who believe they have been abducted by aliens or think the world will end in 2012 is entertaining.

    As to the reason why Obama will not produce some totally irrelevant document – the answer is simple: He doesn’t *have* to. That’s it. No grand conspiracy, no big battle, no huge legal battled to hide anything (like the blatantly false two million dollar lie mentioned above). None of that. The reason he doesn’t have to offer up some completely unnecessary document is for the same reason that he doesn’t have to show us his third grade report cards – there’s no need. Anyone who does not accept that fact is simply denying reality.

  • Derelict

    Well, I just wanted to say on a personal note, I was born in the United States over 30 years ago and I don’t have a long form version of a birth certificate, don’t know if I ever did. My birth certificate is about 5″x7″ and has a punched, official seal of my state. That’s all I’ve got, and I am most definitely a citizen.

    However, my mother was born in Sweden. Perhaps I should never attempt to run for President. If I don’t produce a long form birth certificate, I might be accused of really being a Swedish citizen.

  • ElZagna

    >> CoolPillow: The COLB and the birth certificate are two different things.
    How so. Explain, please, and a cite would be good.

    >> CoolPillow: The document that was on their website was proven to be a photo-shopped fake.
    By whom? Cite, please.

    >> CoolPillow: Obama has spent almost $2 million on teams of attorneys in courts around the country.
    Cite, please.

    >> qwert321: A lot of people think that Obama is a citizen but is definitely hiding something based on his strange reluctance to release a simple document.

    According to The LA Times (, “…CNN researchers had determined that Hawaiian officials discarded all paper documents in 2001. A long-form birth certificate with details about the doctor who delivered Obama no longer exists, they reported. The shorter Certificate of Live Birth noting Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, that has been made public is the official record.”

    If that’s true then there is nothing more that Obama CAN request.

    jwest, CoolPillow, qwert321 and others: What exactly – and I mean exactly – do you need in the way of proof to convince you that Obama was born in Hawaii? If the “long form” were somehow produced, would that do it, or would you just claim that it was Photoshopped also?

  • qwert321

    >>>Well, I just wanted to say on a personal note, I was born in the United States over 30 years ago and I don’t have a long form version of a birth certificate, don’t know if I ever did. My birth certificate is about 5″x7″ and has a punched, official seal of my state.<<>>jwest, CoolPillow, qwert321 and others: What exactly – and I mean exactly – do you need in the way of proof to convince you that Obama was born in Hawaii? If the “long form” were somehow produced, would that do it, or would you just claim that it was Photoshopped also?<<<<

    I think he was born in Hawaii. I just want to know why he's going to such lengths in refusing a simple request. He doesn't have to honor our requests to see his BC. And we don't have to honor his request to stop asking for his BC. I think people like me are the vast majority of the "birthers".

    In any case, true birthers will claim any long form birth certificate is a photoshop. If the conspriracy is vast enough to produce a non-US born President, it would follow logically that this conspirarcy can produce a perfect photoshop. I don't think you can ever please that small fraction of birthers.

  • jwest


    The officials in Hawaii have said that they have seen the ’61 long form, so it apparently exists. This form will show if he was born in a hospital (there are two stories out of the Obama camp with two different hospitals) or if he was born at a private home and was registered with an affidavit from his mother and grandparents.

    Should the long form show a specific hospital with an attending physician, then it’s pretty much case closed. If it shows the home birth, further questions will arise.

    Note: Anyone who believes that the Hawaiian officials wouldn’t release the long form at the first utterance of approval by Obama is deluded. He doesn’t want it public for some reason.

    Jazz says he’s curious. No he isn’t. If it throws cold water on the flying unicorn dream, its unwelcome news. You either believe or you go away in Obama world.

    Transparency? That’s for the other guys.

  • qwert321

    >>>According to The LA Times (…), “…CNN researchers had determined that Hawaiian officials discarded all paper documents in 2001. A long-form birth certificate with details about the doctor who delivered Obama no longer exists, they reported. The shorter Certificate of Live Birth noting Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, that has been made public is the official record.”<<<

    That doesn't pass the sniff test in the way it is being presented. Did someone take every single birth certificate (made from everyone that was born in Hawaii since 1900) and type the corresponding information into a computer Excel sheet? That’s impossible on the face of it. If Hawaii did go digital, they would have done like every other government entity and scanned the birth certificate images into a picture file. If an image was scanned in, the information still exists.

    The fact that Hawaiian officials would state something so obviously wrong makes me even more suspicious.

  • Father_Time

    The birthers are lunatics, but Cobert is really boring anyway.

  • TomDegan

    Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in the state of Hawaii. That was the week the Berlin Wall went up.

    Coincidence? I wonder.

    This evil, subversive plot has been in the making for damned near forty-eight years! By all evidence, since the moment of Obama’s birth! Here is a question that all good and decent Americans should demand an immediate answer to: Was the newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser, in on the scheme when they printed little Barack’s bogus birth announcement on August 9, 1961? Just where the hell does that paper lean editorially? To the hard Left, I strongly suspect. Wouldn’t that just figure!

    The NAACP, in coercion with the American Communist Party, Democracy NOW and Ed Asner, concocted this evil plot deep in the basement of Norm Chomskey’s home in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the midst of a week-long peyote mushroom binge. The elevation of this dangerous and subversive man to the highest office in this grand and glorious land of ours is only the first step in their dastardly plan. Their next objective will be to force our daughters – our little personifications of patriotism and purity – to court and co-mingle with NEGROES.

    Before very long our children – your children – will be physically forced to memorize whole chapters of James Baldwin’s “Native Son” and “The Autobiography Of Malcolm X”. Trust me, it’s only a matter of time.

    They must be stopped. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country that we all hold so dear to our freedom-loving hearts. America is falling; victimized by forces who would put a foreign-born A-Rab in the seat that was once held by the sainted Ronald Reagan – RONALD REAGAN, I TELL YOU!

    My friends, now is not the time for the faint-of-heart. It a time for boldness and stoutness of mind and spirit. Only our collective intestinal fortitude will defeat the Liberal cabal – those nattering nabobs of negativism – who would burn our beloved country down. The time has come to give America back to the real Americans. My fellow citizens, you ignore me at your own peril….

    And one more thing we must never ever forget: Barack and Michelle Obama named their two daughters, “Sasha” and “Malia”. What’s that all about?

    Of course, what you just read is meant as satire. Only a complete and utter fool could possibly take any of it seriously. The really disturbing thing, however, is the fact that there are millions of people out there who would read those last eight paragraphs and wouldn’t even come close to getting the joke. While there is plenty of satirical gold to be siphoned from the bottomless mine that these lunatics have provided us with, they have created a dangerous atmosphere that is enabling the nuttiest angels of the American nature. That is something that would do us all well to think about.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  • Father_Time


    Absolutely wonderful. There has to be a connection to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg or a blood line to Idi Amin in the mix…..

    Without the wingnuts, politics is like soggy corn flakes.

  • qwert321
  • bordway

    Let’s see, what I’ve been urged to believe by birthers is that the Federal Elections Commission, all Secretaries of State of every state within the United States, the John McCain election machine, the Governor and Attorney General of the State of Hawaii, the local paper and the hospital were all in cahoots in order to ensure that Barack Obama could hide the fact that he was not born in the US. Hmmm, what motivated this? Are they all profiting somehow from his election to the Presidency? If so, I’ll take my check too!

    Others point to his living in Indonesia as having stripped him of US Citizenship. More hogwash by people who don’t understand the Immigration and Nationality Act or what a pain in the ass it is to relinquish your citizenship at a consulate abroad; given that you’ve reached the age of consent to do so.

    This reflects the level of intelligence of the tooth pulling internet lawyer as well as all followers of this drivel. It’s no wonder she isn’t a member of the California bar and scrapes around the country finding poor saps that want to get their name in a newspaper article. Today, standing up for whats right, tomorrow – idiot.

    The beauty of this is that Barack will likely wait until this reaches a fever pitch during the 2010 elections, hope that as many nitwit Republicans jump on the bandwagon as possible, then totally deflate the whole thing by pulling it out of his jacket pocket. The 4 remaining Republicans will then know the true meaning of the word minority. I can see Rahm wringing his hands now.

  • gails

    Though I hardly consider the birth certificate issue a vital or even highly important issue, I do not see that it poses any harm. After so many conservatives, have reviled the movement, the issue remains alive and well with a vigorous following. I am in that following, not because I think Obama is not an American, but because our nation was created specifically to avoid ever subordinating the American people to aristocrats.

    At this point I feel somewhat compelled to define, or perhaps re-define the term “aristocrat”. The aristocracy our founding fathers were rebelling against was the assumption of privilege above the common man based upon blood lines. I submit that the demand of privilege for any reason is another form of aristocracy, whether it is the government bureaucrat as in socialism or the pseudo-elites here in America who base their self-proclaimed superiority on their education or liberal credentials. It is still an effort to undermine our meritocracy and to create a privileged class above the common man, peasantry, serfs, or however they see the rest of us.

    As an average American, I was required to produce a utility bill in my name at my home address in order to enroll my children in a public school. My two sons were required to produce valid birth certificates, paper ones, not electronic ones, in order to join the military. Now I am being told that Obama is above those worldly demands. He is not subject to the same mundane demands as the rest of us. He does not answer to the people.

    This offends me to the core. Until his actual birth certificate is provided for public scrutiny, not the mere assurances of other government lackeys, I will continue to follow, support and encourage all of the nirthers and birthers. In fact, I am getting ready to start donating some money to them. You see, they at least have the courage of their convictions. I admire that. And I believe the real point behind most of it is the point I am making here, not the looney tunes stuff that is attributed to them.

    I don’t only want to see the birth certificate; I want to see the college transcripts from all of the colleges he attended.

    Anyone who honestly believes that is too much to ask of the man must understand that if he is not up to that minute bit of transparency that is required of the rest of us, he is then of lower than average ability and is unworthy of the office of the President. The message in his refusal is that he is just so superior to the people of the country that he is not subject to the same laws and burdens of proof as the rest of us. That is grossly un-American, and that is the issue. He may well have been born here and have natural citizenship…but being an American is a great deal more than that. Being American means believing in equality under the law. That he refuses and denies. That is the issue.

    And, if you want to ridicule, belittle and deride me in true Alinsky form, go right ahead. I know that I am right in my observations and analyses. Please take the time to read the Federalist papers and some of the other documentation provided by our founding fathers. Obama is exactly the type of person from whom we are supposed to be protected by those documents.

    From Federalist #1:

    “It will be forgotten, on the one hand, that jealousy is the usual concomitant of love, and that the noble enthusiasm of liberty is apt to be infected with a spirit of narrow and illiberal distrust. On the other hand, it will be equally forgotten that the vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty; that, in the contemplation of a sound and well-informed judgment, their interest can never be separated; and that a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter, and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants.”

    Best regards,
    Gail S

    • oceansider

      yeah, your a kook

  • Tracker

    You have to feel sorry for the employees at the Hawaii Department of Health. I think those 10 republicans sponsoring the ridiculous birth certificate bill (along with Dobbs and Liz Chaney) should apologies to them for giving legitimacy to the lunatic birthers. I could only imagine how many crazies they have to deal with. Here are some of their (Department of Health employees) quotes:

    “When you request a birth certificate, the one you get looks exactly like the one posted on his site,” she said. “That’s the birth certificate.”

    “This has gotten ridiculous,” state health director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said yesterday. “There are plenty of other, important things to focus on, like the economy, taxes, energy.” . . . Will this be enough to quiet the doubters? “I hope so,” Fukino said. “We need to get some work done.”

    “If you were born in Bali, for example,you could get a certificate from the state of Hawaii saying you were born in Bali. You could not get a certificate saying you were born in Honolulu. The state has to verify a fact like that for it to appear on the certificate. But it’s become very clear that it doesn’t matter what I say. The people who are questioning this bring up all these implausible scenarios. What if the physician lied? What if the state lied? It’s just become an urban legend at this point.”

    “I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawai’i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai’i State Department of Health verifying Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai’i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008, over eight months ago.”

  • bingobongoboingo

    haha no, she compared obama to hitler actually. didn’t see that coming!!

  • Tracker

    Not as funny as I might have thought, but was very surreal. Some of the funnier quotes from the interview:

    “I agree, Barack Obama is a terrible president. We have to get him out of office by any weird loophole we can make up.”

    “I don’t like that term (birthers), it implies Barack Obama was birthed. We have no proof that ever happened.”

    After Taitz said the Social Security number Obama used was issued in Connecticut and show he’s 190 years old – “Wait a second, Barack Obama is a Connecticut vampire…”

    The funniest thing I thought was when he asked Arianna Huffington, because of her accent, if she was Orly Taitz in a different sweater.

  • joel555

    ……….Government Officials are being questioned in terms of being able to authenticate and/or deem something ” Government Authorized ” in the first place ??? hmmm

    Birthers…since simple logic doesn’t seem to work give ” Occam’s Razor – ” a spin.

    anyway……..Colbert really didn’t have to do much……….Orly, like Palin and Gordon Liddy write their own jokes………..just sit back.

    She presented evidence in the form of an SSN and that number researched concludes that, Obama is a 190 years old, Male from Connecticut……..well this proves that he is the OLDEST American Citizen and the first black President of the United States……

  • ayana

    Ummmm…the social security administration didn’t begin until 1937…NO ONE had social security numbers 150 years ago.

  • mjco


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