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Posted by on Apr 3, 2009 in Uncategorized | 9 comments

Binghamton Shootings – More Updates (And More)

Early reports about the mass shooting in Binghamton, New York turned out to be off base. The tragedy, which happened fairly near my home, did not involve multiple shooters, but rather one gunman named Jiverly Voong, a 42 year old local man of Vietnamese origin. There are approximately 13 people dead, some killed by execution style shots to the head, and an unknown number of additional wounded.

No motive has been given, but local officials have scheduled a press conference in the next hour. I happen to know one of the police who reported to the scene and we’ll try to get some more details for you after the first responders have finished securing the area and taking care of the needs of the victims.

UPDATE: 37 survivors in the building, four injured survivors in critical condition at a hospital near my home. Fifteen confirmed dead, including the gunman. The name Jiverly Voong is apparently an alias, but he is from Johnson City, New York and borrowed a vehicle to go to the Civic Association to commit the crimes.

The gunman was apparently laid off from IBM as part of a recent round of resource actions. Investigations are still ongoing and likely will be for some time to come. SWAT teams were in communication via cell phone with people inside the building throughout the event. There will be a candlelight vigil later this evening where we will try to get some more details for you as they become available.

More coverage from Memeorandum.

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  • djshay

    Thanks for the update Jazz. The theories have been all over the place this afternoon. I’m disappointed that the death toll is so high. I was hoping it was just media exaggeration.

  • starlingrn

    This is so sad that this many innocent people have to get killed like this. With all that is going on today in the world this is just like something we didn’t need to hear about.

    With the stress coming down to the middle class people and EVERYONE lossing their savings and getting taxed right out of their own homes, I would expect to be hearing more of this going on as people slowly SNAP.

    So sad that it has to come to this. We can only sit back and pray as our VOICES are not heard in WASHINGTON. I will say that THEY HAVE TO STOP TAKING OUR MONEY THRU TAXATION OR more days like this one will be ahead.

  • starlingrn,
    What are you talking about? Middle class taxes aren’t going up, and across the board they are incredibly low compared to other Western nations. We need what taxes we have to pay for unemployment benefits for those unfortunate enough to be caught up in this economic nightmare.

  • It’s way too early to try to spin any sort of politics on this one until we learn more. The guy just got laid off from IBM this week, so that probably factored into his reaction, but again… we just don’t know yet.

  • Holly_in_Cincinnati

    Thanks Jazz for posting updates as I had to leave to run errands.

  • mule50

    politics aside, wheres the outrage?, why isn’t this already being called a hate crime?…if this were Bubba instead of Jiverly there would already be candlelight vigils in Scandinavia, planned marches by the new black panther party, and worldwide condemnations of rascist America…

    • Mule, there is outrage and shock a’plenty. But a hate crime? A man of Vietnamese origin shoots up a center full of immigrants (we’re now finding out many of them were Asian also) and he just got laid off from his job this week. Horrid crime for sure, but I’m not sure where you get the hate crime aspect from…

      • mule50

        It may be too soon, but i was trying to point out a double standard when events like this happen and Jazz you illustrated it perfectly. When questioning my assertion – you emphasize his ethnicity implying that because he is Vietnamese it can’t be a hate crime.


        only whites can hate?

        it also can’t be a hate crime because some of the victims were asian?

        i didn’t know asians made up this homogenous bloc that live in peace and harmony

        of course it wasn’t a hate crime but please be honest and admit that if someone named j.r. from mississippi stormed into an immigration center and killed 16 folk of “color” that there wouldn’t be much more of an uproar…

        • Mule, I understand what you’re saying in a way, but don’t agree with your characterization of my response. I only brought up the maniac’s ethnicity because when we typically think of “hate crimes” it’s cases including – as you note – a white person killing blacks, blacks killing whites, Koreans fighting Jews in NYC, Stormfront activists killing gays, etc. In this case, the “mix” looked far more random and the specifics, as they emerge, indicate that this was something very personal. He had a grievance with the people at the center for reasons we don’t know yet, and was angry over losing his job… who knows what motivated him? The point is, it isn’t looking like one guy hunting down a particular but anonymous group of people of a particular color, ethnicity, religion, etc.

          As to outrage, if you were on the streets out here last night you’d have seen plenty of it.

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