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Posted by on Jun 26, 2007 in At TMV | 2 comments

Bill O’Reilly’s Ire Shows Again

This time it’s aimed at what he calls a 16 year old high school “pinhead” (the one, obviously, who he disagrees with and who energetically challenged him).

You can watch the video, read a post with original reporting on what was reportedly said to the student who challenged O’Reilly before he went on the air — and then decide yourself by CLICKING HERE.

PS: O’Reilly is a real showman. But make sure you read the post before you watch the video. Also, note how at the end O’Reilly attempts to end the segment in a condescending way that puts down the 16-year-old “pinhead” — but the “pinhead” gets in the last word.

Hopefully both students won’t confuse a short talk show discussion aimed promoting “high concept” controversy and negative labelling as a thoughtful discussion of a controversial issue.

But we think they’re smarter than their elders elder.

UPDATE: President Bush also got some unsolicited policy advice from high schoolers. (They’re apparently also what B.O. would call “pinheads.”)

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