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Posted by on Oct 14, 2015 in Politics | 4 comments

Benghazi committee shoots self in foot, limps away $4.5 million later

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Bye bye, Benghazi!

Paul Waldman notices that the committee has gotten to the point of twisting in the wind.

… Not only are Democrats talking to reporters about why this ,,committee is a mess, Republicans are too. Any time you see a passage like this, with competing interpretations of what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s a good bet that people are maneuvering to shape public perception to their advantage, and it can become a little hard to know for certain where the truth lies. But it looks like Gowdy, perhaps with the help of allies, is trying to say, Look, this mess isn’t my fault, it’s Boehner’s. Maybe it was inevitable that this committee would become either a joke or a scandal in its own right, given the fact that it was established after seven separate investigations had already examined the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi and failed to find any administration wrongdoing or support for all the outlandish conspiracy theories conservatives had clung to… PaulWaldman,WaPo

Thing is, the committee members have been having a ball. Parties. Clubs. Fancy eats. All of that. As often happens, the “Clinton” and “Benghazi” and “email” stuff will all fade into the background and what will be remembered is a dominant Republican Congressional group using “investigation” as an excuse for partisan pablum and partying.

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  • DdW

    Hi P.W.

    Your headline, “Benghazi committee shoots self in foot, limps away $4.5 million later,” along with the graphic “It’s Party Time,” gave me the (false) hope that indeed the witch hunt was over.

    But after reading it, I’ll just have to settle for “hope springs eternal.”

    Thank you, anyway.

    • SteveK

      I’ll just have to settle for “hope springs eternal.”

      Yet another glaring difference between the right and the left.
      Your optimism is refreshing Dorian… Thanks.

  • yoopermoose

    Shouldn’t there be some type of ethics investigation into the wasting of tax payer money on etched wine glasses, partying, etc.!? The party of “fiscal responsibility” that gets their etched wine glasses, but scream like stuck pigs if money is requested for disaster relief (Unless its for their own state of course). Good grief.

  • I am a former member of the US intelligence community and don’t think that sensitive information should be sent by email at all whether is a government sever or a private one. When I served with the DIA in Europe we didn’t even snail mail such documents but used couriers between Europe and Washington. Of course there are times that documents are determined to be sensitive after they have already been distributed.
    I have seen no evidence that HC broke any laws It’s probably more likely that the government servers would be hacked than HC’s private one.

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