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Posted by on May 9, 2012 in Politics | 3 comments

Bad Week for Barack Obama’s Campaign

Yes, it was a political train wreck. First Thoughts nicely summarized the official launch of President Barack Obama’s political campaign:

*** Obama’s terrible campaign week: The campaign roll out over the weekend went well. Despite Republicans talking about the empty seats at Ohio State, he still draw four times the crowds (if not more) than Romney. But then Biden’s gay-marriage comments stepped on that roll out. Yesterday, when Obama traveled to Albany, he looked energy-less, almost like he realized what he was proposing was going nowhere or what he was proposing would get no attention thanks to Biden and gay marriage. And to top it off, some felon gets 40% in West Virginia. This is not how they envisioned the campaign roll out week going. It’s reminiscent of all the bad day AFTER primary days Romney accumulated this year. The good news for the Obama White House: a pretty good national security feat in Yemen; of course, now they have to clean up the mess that’s been created by the public leaking of the fact the CIA and its allies had a double-agent working for them.

As I’ve noted in other posts, the Democrats have a habit of reverting to an old pattern. They get upset at someone who’s running for President over an issue or two and decide to teach their party a lesson. They are then pushed into the political wilderness as Republicans get their hands on the levers of power and appoint Supreme Court justices, use the bully pulpit, put GOPers into the bureaucracy and ease the public’s acceptance of conservative ideas foward an inch by an inch. You can see the inklings now of some Democrats refusing to give money to the Obama campaign over his not coming out squarly for gay marriage or sitting on their hands. Republicans generally don’t lose their sights on the Supreme Court or, in the final analysis, their ideological long game. It looks like some Democrats are ready to teach their party (and themselves) a lesson again.

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  • rudi

    A bad week of Obama is still better than the lies and flip-flop of Mittens.

  • zephyr

    Needless to say, that 40% vote for a felon in WV says nothing about Obama. It says a LOT about VW though – sorry to say. As for his slow day in Albany? Hey, the guy can’t be a brilliant orator every time he gets in front of a crowd. He gets an off day now and then just like the rest of us.

  • RP

    Obama will have a hard time making any position known about gay marriage given an interview with Rick Warren in 2008. Following is a link to that information:

    Sorry the actual interview has been deleted from the site and I could not find it anywhere else, but rest assured the negative ads will come out should he now say he supports gay marriage. The Extreme right will have this actual interview on record and will use it!

    One of Obama’s main points to run against Romney is flip flops. If he does anything with this, the right will portray him as flip flopping and much of Obama’s negative ads could be negated showing him doing the same.

    But as long as the target is gay marriage that most Americans do not care about, the attention is off the economy that most Americans do care about. And that will be a plus for Obama in many respects.

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