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Posted by on Jul 19, 2011 in Politics | 13 comments

Bachmann Hit Piece

Michele Bachmann continues to surge in the polls so what are the Republican power brokers going to do?  The Democrats dream candidate is Ms Bachmann for the Republican elites it’s a nightmare.  So what are they to do?  Call Tucker Carlson’s rag The Daily Caller and arrange a hit piece.

In late July 2010, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s then-communications director, Dave Dziok, told his boss that he planned to take a new job with the public relations firm Edelman.

Dziok had worked for Bachmann for two and a half years, a relatively long period by the standards of her office, and was leaving on good terms.

Staff turnover can frustrate any employer, but Bachmann responded more dramatically. Dziok’s departure triggered a debilitating medical episode that landed the congresswoman in urgent care.

“Within 24 hours she was in the hospital,” a former aide says.

And this was not first time!

It was, according to three people who have worked closely with Bachmann, not an isolated event.The Minnesota Republican frequently suffers from stress-induced medical episodes that she has characterized as severe headaches. These episodes, say witnesses, occur once a week on average and can “incapacitate” her for days at time. On at least three occasions, Bachmann has landed in the hospital as a result.

This was so predictable.  If not this it would have been something else.  Neutralize the crazy.  It really doesn’t matter how true this is Bachmann is finished.  I image they are doing some serious research on Rick Perry.


There must be something there.  Reporter Brian Ross was roughed up my Bachmann’s body guards when he tried to ask a question about it.

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  • Allen

    So you think it’s, “a hit piece”? Not fact?

    Good because I’d hate to think the Republicans would stoop to promoting a chemically addicted psychotic maniac for president.

  • Allen
    I don’t know how much of any of it is true but the timing makes it a hit piece. After her body guards beat up Brian Ross when he asked a question about it I suspect there is probably more truth than fiction.

  • StockBoyLA

    I love this from the linked article, “To staff, Bachmann has implausibly blamed the headaches on uncomfortable high-heel shoes…”

    Wearing high-heel shoes? Now THAT’S a lifestyle choice.

  • roro80

    Unless and until it is shown that this is (a) true and (b) affects Bachmann’s effectiveness as a leader, it’s not only a hit piece, but a pretty disgusting bit of institutional ablism which just happens to fit perfectly into the handwringing stereotype that the fainty wimmen folk are too delicate in their sensibilities to be leaders.

    The reason Bachmann shouldn’t be president is the same reason she shouldn’t be a Congressperson: her policy positions are crap, her knowledge of history and the country are crap, she’s a horrible bigot, she has non-existant relationship with the truth, and she’s just generally a person who’d ruin the country if put into its highest role. That should be plenty, don’t you think?

  • roro80

    “Wearing high-heel shoes? Now THAT’S a lifestyle choice.”

    Er, not really. Ever try to be a woman in a professional position? High heels unfortunately come with the territory in most cases. Hell, if she’d take a stand on that issue, I’d at least have something to agree with her on.

  • Allen


    Thanks. As liberal on many issues as I am, I’m not completely in disagreement with Bachmann. I keep trying to find consensus with conservatives even though conservatives rarely acquiesce, but she’s a bit to Loonytoon for me.

  • DaGoat

    To the extent that her illness would make it difficult for her to serve as president, this is a legitimate issue. What is unfair is the immediate speculation that she is mentally ill, that she’s popping pills, etc.

    I think Bachmann would be an awful president, but she still deserves fair treatment on this.

  • StockBoyLA

    My point is that people aren’t born wearing high heel shoes (unlike being gay, which she is against). I agree with you that being a professional woman may require her to wear high heel shoes, but again even being a professional woman is a lifestyle choice. That’s the way it is if that is the path you choose. As far as most professionals are concerned, I’m sure there’s a litany of complaints that everyone has- whether it’s office politics, having to wear suits and ties (for men who would rather be more casual), etc. But we all weigh the pluses and minuses of our choices to determine if ultimately we are making the best decision. If we really don’t like the requirements of a job, then we can change. No one is “born” a professional. Professionals work at their image and are, well… professional. It’s a decision requiring work and sacrifice. In that way it’s a lifestyle choice.

  • EEllis

    Wait a minute, because someone with a press pass was pushed when he chased a candidate into a closed off area when they were leaving a function his questions must have some basis?

    That’s strange logic.

    As to the idea of her capability, I have to say the whole idea seems like a smoke screen. The woman, like her or not, is pretty dang accomplished. The headaches haven’t stopped her yet. So what evidence is there that they would suddenly start to render her incapable? Fig leaf for those who put dislike before the truth.

  • roro80

    StockBoy, all gay men could just go be bathboys and hairdressers and choreographers somewhere, couldn’t they? They could just choose that lifestyle, couldn’t they? No, of course not — they have aspirations and dreams to be teachers and managers and engineers and gardeners and whatever else, and the fact that they are gay should not mean that their careers are hindered, or certain professions are closed to them. Right? So let’s not pretend that closing off certain career choices to women (or discriminating against them in certain careers for not wanting to mess up their backs with heels) is any different, just because specific careers are choices.

    Bachmann is a bigot and a generally awful human being as far as I can tell, but there’s no need to make fun of the realities for most women professionals; just saying that women don’t have to be professionals if they don’t want to is just like saying that gay men don’t have to be teachers if they don’t like the realities of that profession for gay men. There’s plenty of material to throw at Bachmann based on her stupidity and retrograde policy positions.

  • StockBoyLA

    My whole point is that we all make choices and some of those are involve things we would rather not do. Whether it’s woman wearing high heel shoes or men wearing suits if they are more inclined to be leisurely. But we all have choices to make and we make them based on what our goals are. Men, women, gay, straight, whatever.

  • roro80

    There’s a difference between things we’d rather not do, and work conditions that cause health problems or involve discrimination for one particular group. I’d rather not wake up so early, but that’s not something specific I do for my job because I’m a woman, nor would it be if I were gay, a different race, disabled, etc. Wearing heels is something that does cause health issues for many women, but is essentially mandatory — for women only — in many professions. See the difference? Writing off things like that as “choices” is like saying that because people are afraid of gay men having sex with their children, gay men just must choose not to reveal (for example) the name of their partners in the classrooms they teach, unlike straight people. Don’t like it? Go get another job, it’s a choice. Which, I think you’d agree, is a really crappy choice that only gay people have to make. That’s the institutional bigotry in the system, and it’s not fair.

    Again, just because MB is a hateful bigot against gay people (among other things) doesn’t mean we need to use her to sniff at all women and the issues they face in the workplace.

  • jimmygee

    Bachmann hasn’t a chance, she wears heels and no apron and is beyond child bearing years meaning she’ll not be a kitchen chick like the “men” in the GOTPee require. So they’ve decided to recruit a disciple (Perry) that can be molded into the form they’ll promote as the second coming, after all they’ve heard the same calling Perry has.

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