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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in Bigotry, Crime, Health, Mental Health, Psychology, Race, Scandals, Violence | 0 comments

Cultures Collide: Asian Man Assaulted by United Airlines: Tell Us Your Airline Abuse Story

Credit: Video screen grab

Update Tues April 11,2017 4:33 pm: Mr Munoz, CEO of UNITED AIRLINES has issued a statement that is most assuredly carved by a damage control consultant. It says what should have been said to begin with, apology, no one should be treated like this, and paraphrased from here: we will examine rights of passengers, and employee perks etc. Whether Munoz believes the corporate culture he congratulated on assaulting this passenger, or suddenly had his come to woodshed moment, we do not know. We shall see.

Shame on United Airlines, part of the ‘airline industry… UA ordered three huge men– officers for the airlines… who literally grabbed and threw to the floor, then dragged a small Asian man off United Airlines plane against his will, literally dragging him by his wrists down the aisle on his back with the smaller man screaming bloody murder, injuring his face till the poor soul was bleeding profusely.

This imo, is THUG behavior imo. ‘Thug mind’ has no respect for humans, seeing others as wood to be made compliant to unreason, and to be harmed and stacked, if they resist assault– resisting injustice is everyone’s right.

Thank goodness many, many passengers [besides one soulless male passender who yelled ‘Good! Thank you!’ for dragging this thin short Asian passenger out of his seat,] were using their phones to video this attack on a defenseless passenger: one small man against three huge men.

Too often [it has become] TYPICAL with minorities and also majority people WHEN some police reports come out, the victim is blamed. That was the case here too. The Asian man was supposedly ‘combative and uncooperative.’That’s not what I saw from two different angles of video taken by passengers.

I saw the three men come up to him and one suddenly grab him by his clothing, then the second man joined in, grabbing the man and trying to jerk him upward and out of his seat by his arms, yanking him violently from his seat, assaulting him continuously by dragging him on his back down the dirty aisle carpet, banging his head on the passenger seats, exposing his naked torso from armpits to below his waist… adding abject humiliation to the assault. That the man is Asian carries a heavy debt when one is inhumanely humiliated and assaulted before others in public.

It appeared to be an attack against an ethnic person that was completely unwarranted.

United Airlines and for some odd reason, the Chicago Police Department, put out false information it seems, herefor implying in falsehood, that the assault was NECESSARY PROTOCOL, because it was this thin little Asian man’s fault he was seized out of his seat, dragged, battered, bruised and bloodied in the face and head, not to mention his rotator cuffs no doubt possibly being sprained, AND the fact that the smaller man is older and who knows what condition his bones are in.

Take a look at the clips. They are everywhere online. Most of you have likely seen them already. Prayer for everyone, including the three men who to me, a la vata, acted like common street thugs, two doing the dirty work, the other standing by and NOT intervening. Frankly those three guys weighed together probably 600 pounds easily, and the Asian man looked to be around 140 pounds in weight.

UNITED AIRLINES ought to be ashamed of themselves. Munoz From United, acted as spokesperson and put out the most rude and cruel version of what he “thought’ had happened, and a ridiculously unprofessional missive to employees immediately after the assault, CONGRATULATING employees on dealing with things like this and how UNITED is such a great company. No they are not.

And stockholders are not going to drive the hogs to market over this, meaning they will not go to sleep. Shares of United will likely suffer. Certainly decent people will not overlook what happened here. The internet is filled with persons calling for boycott, not for what happened only, but because of Munoz’ pathetic self-serving response to an assault unleashed by his own company. And oh no, ‘we’re doing an internal investigation’ is not going to appease. Some are calling for the feds/DOJ to investigate as the airlines are under federal oversight at many levels.

Munoz, as a high level corporate guy who may have struggled to rise in corporate life, but is at the moment where we last left him, imo, out of it and not grasping the inhumanity of the situation, the injury to the Asian man at more than one level, injuries so beyond cruel that a ‘voucher’ for $1650 being United’s ‘top’ compensation for making a PAID passenger miss a flight… will never even come close to making this right.

I feel certain that though often older Asian people [and this passenger was not a young man] often remain silent about discrimination and inequities has already been contacted by any number of PI Lawyers who know an assault when they see one, and will help him to tell his story.

Munoz from UNITED AIRLINES could have said instead of his vapid self-congratulatory gruel–‘OH MY GOD, how could this happen, oh no we will run to the side of the injured man immediately. All three UNITED AIRLINES ‘police’ are suspeneded without pay. Changes must be made. This is ENTIRELY UNACCEPTIBLE TO FORCE AND to ASSAULT A PASSENGER.’

What has happened to honor at the corporate level– or is that an ongoing oxymoron re UNITED AIRLINES?

Let’s review:
UNITED OVERBOOKed. THEIR FAULT. No passenger should suffer for UNITED’s abject and ongoing disorganization.

They asked for four passengers to disembark [for several hundred dollars]. No one volunteered.
UNITED’s FAULT for overbooking [they wanted four of their own paid passengers to leave SO THAT FOUR UNITED airlines EMPLOYEES could board. ]

Really? This is UNITED’s FAULT: Your employees cant plan better than this? Your scheduling department cant get it together to SERVE the people who pay the bills, rather than displacing passengers who have funerals to go to, weddings to attend, patients to see, dying relatives to hold, soldiers to make it home. Really?

So UNITED AIRLINES SENT three large men were to literally remove four people. Bodily. Where do we live? In the Soviet States of America? My son is special ops, saw the films and said ABSOLUTELY the thugs did NOT follow law enforcement protocol which is to DE-escalate instead of escalate ANY situation where harm might come to ANY person.

UNITED AIRLINES’ FAULT. They FAILED utterly in their responsibillity to public safety. Just seeing the horrified looks on other passengers’ faces, their mouths open, their shock as the passenger was dragged on his back down the aisle, their words protesting what the three men were doing to the passenger they had decided would be ‘removed.’

I’ll be flying a lot this year; It wont be on United. And frankly, just as an aside to other minorities here who are strongly identified; the CEO of United seems to be a Latino, who is backpedaling without honor imo, all over the place. I’m writing the letter to mi gente now as we speak to let them know there are several airlines to choose from. To have strived for eons to climb the ladders culture sometimes embargoes away from various people sometimes –and then to fail utterly in moral direction is NOT how we were taught by our parents and grandparents.

¡Ya basta!

I think we all could speak up. This ONGOING pattern of UNITED and other domestic airlines NOT taking people to their destinations on time and without harassment, rudeness, cruelty, crassness, disregard for medical conditions, etc … we ought not be silent any longer. It is NEVER going to get better if we accept Munoz’ view from his vaseline smeared glasses when he looks at the abject lack of decency, lack of safety for ALL passengers, and calls it great and good.

It is not.

NOTE: It is not yet confirmed but the man who was assaulted and dragged from the plane, appears to have said he is Chinese. Not yet confirmed. He also is to have said he is a doctor and must be at his destination in order to see patients. So far that is not confirmed, nor is his name out at this moment.

I would add, that apparently the passenger somehow got away from the thugs and ran back into the airplane, bleeding, and clearly harmed emotionally also, as he kept repeating, ‘I have to go home, I have to go home.’ THAT behavior and phrasing is recognizable IMMEDIATELY as post-trauma.

SHAME ON UNITED for harming an innocent human being, for being culturally complete dimwits. for continuing to hold their paying passengers as their inferiors to do with as they please, to treat others as not worthy of being held in highest, not lowest, esteem, for not giving the gold standard of service instead of the service of offal.

There is always a fog around something cruel happening, wherein all facts trickle in over time. Stay tuned.

DO YOU HAVE STORIES YOU’VE Not Told because you accept that flying is just supposed to be a drag, or a serious hazard to your health, or an acceptable disruption of time-bracketed one of a kind celebrations or burials of the dead?

I’ve many stories about United specifically. Just two for now. Both having to do with reckless disregard for passengers’ health by UNITED.

1. Flight to Japan 24 hours non stop, breakfast to be served before landing. Pilot misjudged, said there would be turbulence and so couldnt do breakfast. There was NO turbulence. He did not initiate the food service. Lamely said, oh, we ran out of time. I asked for food. Was refused. Having diabetes we need to have food on reg schedule to keep glucose from dropping so we dont faint or worse, fall into a diabetic coma. Flight attendant knew about this special need, for I’d ordered a diabetic breakfast when we bought our ticket, so wouldn’t end up with cookies and coffee. The cavalier attitude of the pilot, the flight attendants who were all from the USA, was beyond uncaring about an older person with a medical condition. As it turned out, it took hours to get my blood back into proper balance– because of their misjudgement and neglect. TSA didnt help by taking away my protein bars at the departing airport. You know, you might uh, stab someone with a granola bar or something…

2 Traveling with a friend, also older and on a cane, because of her painful scoliosis. We went to head of boarding line to ask for early boarding for her as she is a little slow in moving as rapidly as other passengers sometimes would like. UNITED AIRLINES woman taking tickets looked at our friend, and said, [and I still can barely believe this woman had the ugly gall to be so cruel and loudly so]”You dont look like you have a back condition”. It appeared this completely unprofessional UNITED AIRLINES employee thought she had a medical license to diagnose people’s medical conditions. But truly, after paying hundreds of dollars to be treated as though you are asking too much for accommodation for special needs, is actually against the law. American Disability Act says employer, carrier, convenor, educator, etc., has to open the discussion about how to accommodate a person’s special needs. UNITED seems in some deep hubris and is blind to its glaring and discriminatory faults, disorderly conducts.

I can imagine airline employees putting up with a lot every day. But you know, maybe the perks of ‘free flights’ and less expensive flights isnt worth it, if one isnt really suited to the work– and every day one’s job just adds to one coming home angry and hating humanity.

And you… what are your stories about airlines, I wonder.

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