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Posted by on Oct 25, 2008 in At TMV | 5 comments

Let’s Find A Better Word Than Hoax, Okay?


I was not initially moved to blog about the Ashley Todd affair because it stank of being phony from the jump. Furthermore, I didn’t want to add another drop to the oceans of invective that have accumulated in this most rancorous presidential campaign. But all of that changed when I was able to confirm to my satisfaction that, while the McCain campaign most certainly did not send this very messed up young woman out to that ATM machine in Pittsburgh, it actively-encouraged reporters to pursue her preposterous claim.

So here’s another drop of invective: Todd is not the only sicko in this drama. So are the McCain campaign functionaries who steered the news media to the story, including Peter Feldman, McCain’s Pennsylvania communications director, who made sure that reporters were aware that the “B” carved into Todd’s cheek stood for “Barack.”

And while we’re on the subject, let’s stop calling this a hoax.

To me a hoax is the Piltdown Man or the Cottingley Fairies. Sure, people get embarrassed, but no one gets hurt. In this case every black man in America got hurt, including the man that the “B” was intended to hurt.

It’s time for Feldman to fire himself. Or, if he doesn’t have the guts, for someone at the national campaign HQ to give him the hook.

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  • Silhouette

    The GOP just gets more and more absurd in its witchhunt. I wonder if they found out on their own that she was hoaxing, but no one else knew…if it wouldn’t be the top most-scary “authentic” story of the election?

    Hey, I’ve got a batch of newborn puppies that Obama just killed with his bare hands and drank the blood of. Maybe I can make a million bucks with that scoop eh? McCain supporters are getting way desperate to get their boy in the Whitehouse.

  • SteveK

    Sil said: “Hey, I’ve got a batch of newborn puppies that Obama just killed with his bare hands and drank the blood of.

    Yeah?.. Well, Al Franken HATES PUPPIES, too, but he figured out how to fight fire with fire!

  • Silhouette


  • StockBoySF

    Yes, it is sad that this McCain staffer (however low level she is) has mental problems perpetrated this lie to help her man, McCain, win.

    However it is quite another story when the campaign itself (I think it was the McCain’s campaign PA communications director) throw in additional lies when talking with the press to hurt Obama even more.

    Rather than treat this girl (and she does seem like a girl, not a woman) and situation with sensitivity the McCain campaign tried to use it to full effect for their benefit.

    After seeing how McCain and Palin encourage division to garner votes, and then to see Obama quieting his own supporters whenever they boo McCain, I have no doubt that if the rolls were reversed Obama would not have used a similar incident to gain votes.

    The real shock is how the McCain campaign handled itself even before all the facts were known and before the police had finished their investigation.

  • continuum

    The GOP and the McCain campaign have become parodies of everything bad with politics.

    They are playing out every fantasy imaginable in order to hide from the oncoming train that is the Novemeber election.

    The GOP has now turned itself into a party of nutjobs, liars, cheats, and sheep. The last 12 years of Republican governance has ensured that the GOP will wonder the wilderness for the next 40.

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