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Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in At TMV | 20 comments

Arrogant Amnesia on ‘Mission Accomplished’ Anniversary

WASHINGTON – AN INTERVIEW WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA in the Situation Room with Brian Williams on the bin Laden raid exploded this past weekend. That it happened just days before tomorrow’s disastrous “Mission Accomplished” anniversary worked like salt in a wound.

Sen. John McCain had a hissy fit.

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro is either the dumbest political writer on planet earth or is ignorant of presidential commander in chief powers. I’m guessing it’s both. He’s squealing like a little girl that Admiral McRaven was in charge of SEAL Team Six during the dangerous bin Laden raid, which in his mind means Pres. Obama is gutless, though how he comes to that conclusion takes a Olympic fete of intellectual fraudulence only someone from Breitbart could complete.

McRaven’s charge has been known since May 2011, written up by no less than, which also pointed to the thoroughness of the plan:

About 10 days before the raid, Obama was briefed on the plan. It included keeping two backup helicopters just outside Pakistani airspace in case something went wrong. But Obama felt that was risky. If the SEALs needed help, they couldn’t afford to wait for backup.

He said the operation needed a plan in case the SEALs had to fight their way out. So two Chinooks were sent into Pakistani airspace, loaded with backup teams, just in case. One of those Chinooks landed in the compound after the Black Hawk became inoperable.

Politically motivated and manufactured right wing reaction to the ad above revolves around a CIA memo obtained by TIME magazine, which proves absolutely nothing and raises no questions whatsoever, unless you’re a partisan hack.

Republicans actually believe the military is in charge of foreign policy and military actions. They have never understood our American republic is founded on the guiding principal of civilian leadership.

That Pres. Obama made the call and got the bastard of 9/11 galls them and they will do anything to discredit a gallant act of pure presidential leadership that was heroic, risky and revealed Barack Obama’s complete and total respect and faith in our elite military forces to get the dangerous, from military aspects to international and political hazards, job done.

I, for one, am loving it and can only say…


At long last.

The ad I’ve been waiting to hit.

Having it narrated by former Pres. Bill Clinton is a stroke of political genius.

Unlike George W. Bush, who paraded himself around on an aircraft carrier, then took his place on a podium in front of a banner screaming “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED,” when it actually wasn’t and still isn’t in Iraq, Pres. Obama got the job done of getting Osama bin Laden.

Republicans are squealing bloody murder about an ad they would have tricked up and trotted out long before now. We would have been hearing about this every day since it happened, little doubt the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, who fictionalized Dick Cheney’s nuclear fantasies ad nauseam, given access to whatever Republican hero who’d gotten the madman of 9/11.

This U.S. military success, under the commander in chief Barack Obama, forever obliterates any question that he doesn’t have the right stuff to lead this nation. Republicans campaign to deny him his moment of leadership is everything that’s wrong with our politics.

Anyone can disagree with Pres. Obama’s politics, I do often and strongly, but Pres. Obama earned and deserves credit for making the decision and okaying the risky SEAL Team Six op to get OBL. It’s long past time he received it and nothing Republicans say should rob him of it.

As for using Mitt Romney’s words against him on national security, don’t make me laugh. Republicans have defamed military veterans who are Democrats, tarnishing their military service, even lying about vaunted combat awards.

That team Obama is hitting Mitt Romney on national security and foreign policy is not only fair game, it would be dereliction of political duty not to. Because unlike on the economy and business, there is absolutely no case to be made for Mitt Romney as commander in chief.

Taylor Marsh is the author of The Hillary Effect, which is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, where it was 1 of only 4 books in their NOOK Featured Authors Selection launch. Marsh is a veteran political analyst and commentator. She has written for The Hill, U.S. News & World Report, among others, and has been profiled in the Washington Post, The New Republic, and seen on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Arabic, as well as on radio across the dial and on satellite, including the BBC. Marsh lives in the Washington, D.C. area. This column is cross posted from her new media blog.

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  • slamfu

    Its almost funny watching the conservatives doing backflips to not give Obama any credit for taking out Bin Laden. I would have thought we could all get on board with that one, but no, apparently not even Bin Laden’s villainy is enough to get us to close ranks.

  • dduck

    I give Obama and his team credit for taking out OBL. Ok, that said, let’s go back in time and ask CANDIDATE Obama if he would authorize such a raid. If CO, had any brains he would have said no or ducked the question.
    No candidate can make a decision like this without extensive briefings and, as has been described, agonizing deliberation.
    So let’s cut the BS, well a little anyway.

  • zephyr

    Needless to say, no commmander in chief does the work personally. Republicans who are unable to face the fact that OBL was taken out on Obama’s watch and under his direction are acting like spoiled children who need to be sent to their rooms. Of course in my day were didn’t have time outs, we would be given some sort of work to do… which would be quite the novelty for some of today’s GOP members.

  • dduck

    Democrats who are unable to face the fact that the Afg. surge was taken out on Obama’s watch, (then had the plug pulled), and under his direction are acting like spoiled children who need to be sent to their rooms.

  • zephyr

    Tit for tatterisms aside, the GOP needs to grow up and start breaking a sweat. Sitting around, clogging up the process, and bickering probably isn’t what most taxpayers thought they were sending them to Washington to do.

  • dduck

    Z, they all need to grow up. Why always point at the other guys, are you so so sure your guys are perfect?

    Tit for Tat is OK, when the other side paints you one color and ignores it’s own normal weaknesses. It doesn’t help when one side only makes “miscalculations” and the other makes outrageous errors.
    Obama thought he was doing the correct thing and that is OK.

  • zephyr

    Don’t be silly dd, of course I don’t think anyone is “perfect”. Neither do I believe that everyone is equally good or bad.

  • StockBoyLA

    dduck, any president has to have briefings before making important decisions.

    As far as Candidate Obama not supporting a raid or ducking the question…. I disagree with you. Obama has always supported wars to fight our enemies. He did not like the Iraq War (and we are leaving) and he said he would send more troops to Afghanistan to find bin Laden.

    I think Candidate Obama would have supported such a raid if he knew bin Laden was there.

  • dduck

    Stock, then he is just pandering as most politicians do. You can’t make this kind of decision easily, ask Hillary about that 3AM call.

  • dduck

    Z, “Don’t be silly dd, of course I don’t think anyone is “perfect”. Neither do I believe that everyone is equally good or bad.”
    I said, the other side., You know “they”, that amorphous group that are the bad guys. Like the demented half-wits that have inferior higher memory and are greedily raping our diminishing democracy.
    Very silly, indeed.

  • Rcoutme

    George W. Bush wrapped himself in an American flag and paraded the attack on the WTC (and his reaction, presumably) as a rallying point for his reelection. If Bush could use the destruction of the World Trade Center towers (a fiasco and horrible defeat) as a rallying cry, why shouldn’t Obama use the killing of Bin Laden as one?

  • Rcoutme

    Wow! Just watched the video. If they keep playing that advertisement during the ‘real’ election time, Obama may be a shoo-in for reelection.

  • One year after Bin Laden’s death and over 10 years since 9/11, American citizens are still blindly allowing their civil liberties to be taken away one piece of legislation at a time. How much freedom are we willing to sacrifice to feel safe? Under the guise of fighting terrorism, the Patriot Act was adopted WITHOUT public approval or vote just weeks after the twin towers fell. These laws are simply a means to spy on our own citizens and to detain and torture dissidents without trial or a right to council. You can read much more about living in this Orwellian society of fear and see my visual response to these measures on my artist’s blog at

  • cjjack

    Lost in the back and forth about who would have done what with regards to Bin Laden are two things:

    1. While we can debate which President would have taken the opportunity to take out Bin Laden, there is not doubt that given the opportunity, he would have gladly tried to take out that President. Any US President. And any one of us.

    2. We are now three and a half years into a Presidency that our right wing friends told us would be so weak as to invite repeated and devastating terrorist attacks. Three and a half years after their dire predictions, we are not only every bit as safe as they said we wouldn’t be, but we’re exactly one tall Saudi lunatic safer.

    It goes without saying that we have fallen far from the unity expressed in the days after that lunatic stole the lives and futures of 3000 innocent people. We have fallen so far that the simple act of celebrating victory over one of our enemies has become nothing more than a political football being cynically tossed about.

    If the current crop of politicians and pundits had been around at the end of WWII, they’d be complaining that the “communists” had taken Berlin rather than celebrating V.E. Day. They’d accuse Truman of political grandstanding for publicizing the Japanese surrender on the deck of the Missouri.

  • zephyr

    “Three and a half years after their dire predictions, we are not only every bit as safe as they said we wouldn’t be, but we’re exactly one tall Saudi lunatic safer.”

    Cjj, the irony here is that America’s political right would be trying to make major hay over this fact, while democrats barely even mention it. Ya just gotta laugh..

  • dduck

    I belive it was Hillary who also made a big deal out of the country not being safe after a befuddled inexperienced president was awakened at three in the morning.

    Z, the political right is as stupid as the political left.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Excellent, Taylor, and thanks.

    (The “mission accomplished” comparison is spot-on)

  • dduck

    I don’t like dancing in the end zone. Just do the job and shut up. Yes, I’m talking about two presidents.

  • zephyr

    “I don’t like dancing in the end zone.”

    Probably because you wouldn’t know which endzone to dance in.. cuz all football teams are the same right? 😉

  • dduck

    Actually, no. I am a NY Giant fan. We got rid of a big dancer, Jacobs.

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