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Posted by on Jan 10, 2007 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Around The Sphere January 10, 2007

Our famous linkfest offering you links to sites with MANY different viewpoints. Links do not necessarily reflect the opinion of TMV or its cobloggers.

An INCREDIBLE Original Report With Photos from Lebanon is available HERE from Michael Totten. This is original blog reporting at its very BEST. (If you have the $$, it’s well worth giving him a donation.)

Apple’s Getting A Lot Of Attention With It’s New Cellphone but some wonder what was it thinking?

I Might Not Know Much About Art
but I know good, fun art when I see it.

The Religious Right Is The Focus Of A Controversial New Book Called American Fascists
and here’s one progressive’s take on it.

“Barack Like Me”:
That Colored Fella’s Weblog (real name of the lively blog) has a special tie in to Democratic “rock star” candidate Barack Obama…and a special take on where he is now and what all the attention will do to other Democratic candidates. A small portion 4 U:

I worked on his successful Senate campaign back in 2004, but he also helped launch this fledgling little blog of mine in return. I had a photo, endorsement and link to his campaign blog site posted in the right column, at the time. And, mere hours after his keynote speech at the ’04 Democratic National Convention, this blog was well on its way to clocking in over 5,000 hits in the coming days.

But, let me make my prognostication very clear here – Obama is running for the Vice-Presidential nomination of his party in ’08.


The current media obsession with Obama will do nothing but dry up all Democratic funding from also-rans like John Edwards and Tom Vilsack, and never-should’ve-rans like John Kerry and Evan Bayh. And, a Hillary/Barack ticket will probably solidify by the time (ironically) the process hits Illinois in March 2008.

Read it all.

A Long Sought Photo Of President George Bush And Jack Abramoff has surfaced, but is it really that big a deal? Blogs for Bush says no. And speaking of Blogs for Bush, BfB’s Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan have gotten a book deal.

Is There A “Dark Cloud” Over Bangladesh’s Electoral Process? The Dacca-based blog The Third World View has a fascinating account and compares the controversy there with the bitterly disputed 2000 Presidential election in the United States. (Note: I wrote from Bangladesh for the old Chicago Daily News during the mid-1970s. It’s politics has always been fascinating, and also important, due to the country’s role in South Asia and its traditionally warm relations with the United States).

Kids Don’t Have A Lot Of Money But They Can Give Their Parents Pricessless Christmas Presents as Wil Wheaton found out.

Who Should Win The Oscar For Best Actor? Yours truly agrees with Mick LaSalle.

Conservatives Continue To Make Inroads On College Campuses and if you don’t believe it, read this.

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