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Posted by on Jun 21, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Economy, International, Media, Politics, Society | 0 comments

Around The Sphere

Cartoon_Globe.gifOur linkfest taking you to sites of varying viewpoints all over the Internet.

No Matter What Happens In Iran, Will The Uprising Have An Impact Throughout The World? Simon Rosenberg believes so:

Much has been written about the how events unfolding in Iran are crossing some kind of internal Iranian Rubicon. Fareed Zakaria has a new essay to this effect. But there is a strong argument to be made that the world is crossing that Rubicon right along with the Iranians, and that we wiill all be in a new place together after these extraordinary set of events. I won’t argue that we will begin to see street demonstrations in other parts of the world now, but there can be no doubt that the inconvenient and of course critically important issue of political freedom has been introduced into the great global conversation in a way it has not been for a long, long time. And where that takes us is still to early to tell, but we do know that this new place almost has to be better than where we’ve been.

Also be sure to read Matt Eckel’s take on events in Iran. And here’s an analysis contending that the Islamic Republic will lose the war against Iran. The Christian Science Monitor also notes that trust in the Islamic Revolution is what’s at stake. Meanwhile, Iran is becoming the world’s biggest prison for journalists.

Meanwhile Is There A Search For the “white hats and black hats” politically in the U.S. on the Iran issue? Read Steve Hynd.

Republican Conservative Attacks On Obama’s Response On Iran Have Been Called “Foolish Criticism” by Democrat, leftist, RINO GOP columnist George Will.

But Is The Obama Administration About To REALLY Step In It? It will if this is true…(trust me). Just a rumor so far (some former Presidents are best out of sight and out of mind..)

Happy Father’s Day from Ask Dr. Helen… And some more thoughts at Booker Rising.

Another Impact Of The Global Financial Crisis: Will it impact EU enlargement?

It’s Democrat Paul Begala Versus McCain Meghan McCain that is.

Does Barack Obama Resemble JFK, FDR or the first President George Bush?

THE SWINE FLU WILL GET US ALL (OR 50% Of Great Britain)! Or is what is unfolding a lot hype and hysteria? Dean Esmay gives you his view.

The New York Times Kept Silent On The Kidnapping Of Its Reporter Until He Was Freed: A “double standard”?

A New Poll Shows widespread public support for health care reform — including the public option.

The Messy Situation In The New York Senate is getting messier.

The Modern Lone Ranger: Ron Paul?

A Great Cultural Blog Leaves The Scene: Newcritics leaves the scene..

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