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An Obama Newspaper Story Update Or An Obama Image Protection? You decide…

Obama The Ideologue? The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker was one of the group of columnists who had a chat with him on Air Force One and says he is anything but that and almost alarmingly cool.

The New York Post
Has Issued an apology…or is it a non-apology…or is it an apology that someone gives to someone while their arm is being twisted…or is it a statement akin to what a prisoner who’s just inhaled water will make? The issue: that cartoon that some insist tried to liken President Barack Obama to a chimp and others insisted really didn’t. Some think the tone of the apology negates the apology. Employees were upset over the cartoon. And cartoonist Ted Rall says the cartoon used a common technique…and it bombed.

As someone who worked on Knight-Ridder and Copley newspapers I can’t imagine an editor keeping his job if he ran a apology such as this. No matter how they felt, people in the publisher’s office would never allow it since it would be unthinkable in terms of imagery. No matter what the facts and how they felt, higher up corporate officials would want to defuse controversy and cut their losses for the good of the image of their organization…since image = credibility in the news biz. (People have been passionate over this issue. Here’s one more take on the cartoon controversy.)

The Return Of The Silent Majority?
Digby notes that Rick Santelli says the people are revolting (but so is Rush Limbaugh…)

The New York Times Has Settled A Suit
brought against it by Vicki Iseman, who the paper linked romantically to GOPer Sen. John McCain. The paper says it did nothing wrong and frames this as a de facto victory. But is that really the case?

Teachers, Tests And Grading: If the system is flawed is it due to the students learning how to use the system — or are teachers contributing to flaws but won’t admit it? Read law prof Ann Althouse.

Like Bugs Scurrying Out From Underneath A Rock? Will that what we see when a Swiss bank opens its files to U.S. authorities? Will we see famous names? Republicans? Democrats? (Our betting: all of the above but not MY name..I don’t even have disposable income to hide in a bank in Newark)

A California Budget Deal Is Seen As A Big Victory for a persistent Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some think “Ahnold” a moderate politico with a future but some consider him a disaster.

Iran Has Uranium so does Obama and Hillary Clinton owe George W. Bush an apology? Or, as others suggest, is it a sign of a Bush administration failure due to its diplomatic style? (We give the links…you decide…)

Pondering Obama’s Housing Plan:
More thoughts here.

The Debate Has Been Reopened as to how much good the New Deal did in getting the U.S. out of the 1930s Great Depression.

Hypocrisy 202? Congressional GOPers have come under criticism for suddenly finding spending religion when a Democrat is in office after being strangely silent and go-along-ish during a certain 8 year period when someone with an “R” in front of their party affiliation was in office. Is this yet another example of a sudden political conversion on an issue? (FOOTNOTE: As an independent voter it’s fascinating to watch both parties on the filibuster issue. During Bush’s term, Republicans blasted it and Democrats defended it. Now during Obama’s term Republicans embrace it and Democrats don’t like it. Whatever helps your sports team win, you do..).

Rick Santorum helps spread understanding about Islam…or NOT…

Some Suggest Obama Is Another FDR while others think he’s another Carter.

The Pope As Teacher:
He lectured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Hey, it’s probably more interesting than getting a lecture from Harry Reid..)

It Looks Like War between CBS and Hulu…

Remembering Gene:
Roger Ebert looks back with fond memories of his former TV movie reviewer partner Gene Siskel, who died 10 years ago.

FOOTNOTE: When I went to the Medill School of Journalism for my MSJ, our Arts & The Press prof brought these two in to lecture us. We were told that they were from competing papers and didn’t like each other. If that was indeed true, it certainly changed over the years. The two were then two of the best in the business and aspiring reviewers (even in these days when newspapers are on life support and the future of the industry is a genuine question mark) need to read their reviews on line and in book collections.

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