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Posted by on Mar 26, 2007 in Politics | 13 comments

Arnold, Rush Battle for Republican Party’s Soul

Arnold, Rush Battle for Republican Party’s Soul

I agree that this is the defining conversation for the conservative community: To what extent should there be compromise with Progressives.

A few nuggets:

…Rush closed with this telling summary: “The problem with that is the liberals and the Democrats aren’t going to punt their ideology, because it defines them. And so when we end up agreeing with them just to get compromise, even if the numbers they want aren’t as much as they wanted, we are still compromising our ideology. They are not.”

…Some candidates will refrain from laying out strong policies and will argue that the country urgently needs to come together to address long-run problems such as the entitlement programs that are headed for financial ruin. That can only be done, it will be argued, if Republicans are willing to compromise with Democrats.

…Others will describe explicit conservative policies — a flat tax and Social Security privatization, for example — and will passionately argue the merits of those reforms.

The compromisers will call the traditional conservatives unrealistic and ideological obstacles. The traditional conservatives will call the compromisers sellouts. The voters will have the difficult job of choosing between them.

I am all for the “sell outs” because from my point of view this is just a pejorative spin on the essential skill of politics to collaborate, compromise, moderate and move forward.

Ideologues are useless negotiating partners. What we witness on the international stage is no less different in domestic affairs.

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  • SteveK

    Could we be witnessing Limbaughs “last throes”?

  • Lynx

    I’d love to think that the Republican party was going to become one where Arnold as a typical example, but being that I’m hardly a republican, that’s no surprise. I can’t help but think that they can’t be the only two choices. Let’s be real, Arnold could pass as a moderate democrat as well as a moderate republican.

    I think the issue has to be more of dialog vs. ideologue. You can have MUCH more solidly conservative values than Arnold and still be willing to dialog. You can be entirely pro-life, but willing to concede the day-after pill in exchange for a ban on partial birth abortions. I believe that the ability to give and take is what’s at stake here. Now, what IS true is that people with centrist views are more likely to be willing to dialog, since there are fewer “sacred cows” to deal with.

  • Lynx

    Oh and SteveK, I doubt we’re seeing Rush’s “last throes”. We have a saying in Spain; “mala hierba nunca muere”, roughly, “weeds never die”.

  • superdestroyer

    I am beginning to believe that one sign of a politician is the development of the next generation of leaders. Arnold (like President Bush) is a failure in this regard. The day Arnold leaves as Governor, the office will go back to a very liberal Democrat. Arnold has been anyone else willing to run as a Republican in California and has not developed the next generation.

    Arnold will probably go down very much like Jesse as a complete failure as a leader and as a politician.

    Of course, it is all Arnold can go in a single party state like California.

  • Lynx

    superdestroyer, on what exactly do you base your idea that Arnold will go down as a complete failure? For now he’s started some initiatives (emission control, stem-cell research and the health care initiative) that while not very CONSERVATIVE, haven’t yet had time to fail, or succeed. I’m not saying he definitely won’t go down as a failure, but I’m curious as to what proof you have that he will.

  • kritter

    Lynx- to conservatives like Superdestroyer, passing initiatives on emission control, stem-cell research and universal health care are all signs of Ahhnold’s failure, LOL!:)

  • domajot

    I vote for the sell outs, every time.

    In a diverse society, there is no other reasonble option. We’ve already had our civil war. Now we have to live together.

    Anyone who has shared living quarters with others will recognize that
    co-habitation means a choide between compromise and separation.

  • superdestroyer


    Arnold is a failure because he tried to do something about the long term financial status of California and failed misearably. He was used by the state employees unions and the other special interests groups. So, instead of trying a different approach to controlling the state budget, he has decide to increase entitlements while passing laws that will slow the economy in California. Of course, he made sure that the headline grabbing initiatives will only take affect after he lives office.

    Arnold is basically the buttboy of the state employee unions and the ethnic based special interest that run California.

  • Arnold: Not racist enough. Failure.

  • DLS

    > mala hierba nunca muere

    You have to wait to see if Limbaugh gets a life-support shot, should Hillary Clinton be elected President and then lurch much farther to the left, as is predicted.

    There is no big battle for the GOP’s soul between RINOs and more traditional conservatives. There is somewhat of a battle of this nature for the Presidency, where the GOP is trying to reclaim voters it lost and even hope to steal Democrats if the Democratic Party is still seen as weak on terrorism and against our adversaries. (Judging by the 2006 results, I doubt the GOP will achieve many “conversions” the way it did in 2002 and 2004. I’ve already prepared to see and hear “President Clinton” in the years to come.)

  • So Limbaugh thinks that his followers aren’t defined by their ideology? That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  • Cjordan

    imAGINE: you go to work every day and there’s one guy in your section who simply can’t compromise on any issue. What do you do? Say he’s a great man of principle? … or do you move the jerk to another section and make him somebody else’s problem so you can get something done?

    as the Donald said on CNN: its about making deals.

    Rush is an idiot.

  • superdestroyer


    You would have a point of compromise if you could point to to an example of where people like Bernie Sanders or Maxine Waters ever compromised on any of their political stances.

    I find it odd that you only expect Republicans to compromise. I doubt if I could find one editorial from 2001 to 2006 where anyone on the left ever argued that the left should compromise with the Bush Administratrion. Nancy Pelosi when she was minority leader managed to hold an almost perfect party discipline. Why shouldn’t the Republicans expect the same from their side of the aisle.

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