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Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 in Media, Politics | 19 comments

Apparently There is No Limit to the Madness


He has been called a Muslim. A Socialist. A Communist. The anti-Christ. Here we go again. Erik Rush, a frequent guest on Hannity and columnist for WorldNetDaily has pole vaulted the shark with a column entitled “Obama: The Head of the ISIS Snake”. Right Wing Watch reports on how insane the Obama Derangement Syndrome is in this “pundit”. Honestly, I just can’t bring myself to link directly to Rush’s WND column though I did check to satisfy myself that the article about it wasn’t some kind of exaggeration. It isn’t. This is taken directly from the column.[icopyright one button toolbar]

It is high time that those in government who have any desire whatsoever to preserve this nation as an ongoing concern take stock of the abundance of evidence which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama is responsible for the resurgence of Islamic militancy in the Middle East, and ISIS in particular.

As uncomfortable for them as it may be, they must come to grips with the fact that Obama is a well-placed saboteur representing malignant interests, enemies both foreign and domestic, that have been strategizing the downfall of the United States for decades.

In May of this year, Obama named the Desert Peaks National Monument in New Mexico a federally designated monument. Setting aside this land with an executive order under the Antiquities Act of 1906, the nearly half million acres bordering the Mexican state of Chihuahua is now off-limits to all but foot traffic. Potential for the incursion of malefactors in that area is enormous; not just an efficient and effective route for small bands of drug smugglers or gangs, it now amounts to a protected access for potentially large sorties onto the U.S. soil.

In the context of what I have postulated here, why might Obama do this?

Let’s forget for a moment the possibility of a terror cell executing a Nairobi mall-style attack or detonating a dirty bomb somewhere in Middle America. Picture 100 malls or elementary schools across the U.S. laid siege simultaneously, two or more full-fledged thermonuclear devices detonated in American cities, or a few high-sensitivity military bases taken over by terrorists. Consider that these forces would have the training and weaponry to suit the job, as well as the intelligence necessary to give them a far better than even chance of success – all provided by our own government.

Bear in mind that the Desert Peaks phenomenon is but one instance in which Obama has left America vulnerable; there are others we’ve been made aware of, and probably still others we don’t yet know about.

If this sounds preposterous, just remember that those of us who warned against the rise of an Islamist caliphate were mocked only a year ago, and now one exists, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama.

Whether Obama intends to seize absolute power via martial law after a comprehensive White House-orchestrated terrorist strike or use his jihadi army to aid in pacifying an unsuspecting American populace matters little. The bottom line is that the decisive measures needed to defeat ISIS and to protect American citizens from them will never be taken by this president, and it should be obvious as to why. This nation now faces extreme and unprecedented crises, and apart from an Act of God, they will only be resolved through extreme and unprecedented measures.

Conservatives wonder why I don’t take them seriously when they cite WorldNetDaily as proof of anything. This is a perfect example of why that is so. Yes, there are sources that claim to be news outlets that deserve to be completely ignored if you do want meaningful news. WND is one of them in my opinion.

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