Sloppy editing in this AP story helps perpetuate the myth of "media out to get the president." And does the republic no favors in the process.

There’s plenty of fodder for teeth gnashing in DC, but what set mine on edge today was how the Associated Press reported on a list of possible FBI directors.

James R. Clapper Jr. has served director of various national intelligence agencies under Presidents George H.W. Bush (1991-1995), George Bush (2001-2006) and Barack Obama (2007-2017). He spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper on Sunday. You won’t learn his full name, anything about his bi-partisan service, or where he made his comments in the AP story.

I have marked up the AP story as I would have had it been turned in as a college class assignment.

There are no links in the AP story. None. I don’t know if this is a fault of the AP content management system, the reporter, or the editor. But it does the reader — as well as the Associated Press and the news organizations obliquely referenced — a disservice.

What do you think? Am I too harsh? Not harsh enough?

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AP Clapper critique

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KATHY GILL, Technology Policy Analyst
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