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Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Bigotry, Religion, Women | 17 comments

An Open Letter to the U.S. Secret Service


As a Latino and a naturalized U.S. citizen, I am aghast at the derogatory and condescending comments the Republican presidential nominee makes time and time again about Muslim Americans, Latinos and African Americans — even about women.

As a veteran who served his adopted country “meritoriously” for 20 years, I am deeply disturbed when Mr. Trump makes unbelievably insensitive remarks about Gold Star parents.

As an American, I am awestruck by the daunting responsibilities and inspiring accomplishments of the Secret Service and its members, especially by those entrusted with the protection of our national leaders and, during our national elections, of major presidential and vice-presidential candidates and nominees.

I also understand and honor the sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice, made by Secret Service personnel in their full dedication and commitment to “duty, honor and country.” The Service’s “Wall of Honor” amply attests to this.

Finally, I applaud the Service’s “overarching goal” to recruit and maintain a diverse and inclusive work force and the Service’s formal declaration that “diversity is about more than race and gender. [That] diversity includes everyone, encompassing our unique differences as well as what we have in common.”

Considering all this, I genuinely believe that the Secret Service should assign its most elite African-American, Latino and Muslim-American agents — including women — to protect the Republican presidential nominee.

Perhaps, then, Mr. Trump might understand how these men and women who belong to groups he so frequently disparages and insults, are willing to unconditionally put their lives on the line to protect him and the nation they so selflessly serve.

Perhaps, only then, Mr. Trump might finally understand that the Secret Service’s motto, “Worthy of Trust and Confidence,” applies to all its members and, by extension, to all law-abiding Americans regardless of national origin, ethnicity, race or religion.

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