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Posted by on Jan 22, 2008 in Politics | 9 comments

An Open Letter to Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader is thinking of running for president again. Here’s an open letter from me to him, reflecting my own views, not TMV’s.


Dear Ralph,

Don’t do it. Please.

It’s not that I don’t respect and admire you — and appreciate all you’ve done on behalf of consumers and against the plutocracy that runs the U.S., which is to say, for the people, and to raise important issues, such as human rights and the environment, that the powers-that-be, political and corporate alike, preferred either to ignore or to have ignored, the ignorant masses wallowing in medicated consumerist fantasies, living in a manufactured culture of fear, all for the benefit of the profiteers, for example, while they, the powers-that-be, were raping the environment and enabling human rights abuses at home and around the world.

You exposed so much, fought for so much, and for that I — and so many others, countless millions — thank you.

And I’m sorry, truly I am, that the two-party system in the U.S. has excluded you from political contention. Here in Canada, there are many more parties that represent us, as you know, and there are at least two significant parties that would welcome you with open arms. But the U.S. is what it is, for better and for worse, and that means, for voters, choosing between two parties, two candidates, perhaps, as you might see it, two evils, but two evils that are not alike, one much worse than the other. You would not do this year what you did back in 2000, taking enough votes away from the Democrat to allow the Republican to win. So perhaps it wouldn’t matter. Surely, though, you have learned something from these past seven years. It is time for change, for new direction, for a Democrat to take over the White House.

The leading Democrats might not be progressive enough for you — but Edwards must be, no? (not that he’ll win) — but they are far better than whatever alternative the GOP throws up for consideration. Whether it’s Clinton or Obama, there were be a change in foreign policy, a renewed focus on the environment and global warming, economic help for the disadvantaged, an emphasis on social justice, and on justice generally, and so much else that you must find preferable to what the Republicans are tossing around on the campaign trail.

So join us, Ralph, don’t go against us. We are not all the same. And, this time, we must win.


Michael Stickings

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