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    • KP

      Elite justice.

  • After Hillary’s Reno speech on the alt-right, I read an article on Then I came across this piece on Breitbart from Milo Yiannopoulos and was not impressed.

    These guys strike me as spoiled, obnoxious little jerks who like to harass women of color on the Internet and then point fingers at others.

    Your thoughts?


      Hi Ballard,

      Your link to the Vox article doesn’t work (at least not on my boat anchor of an antique desktop).

      Once I found the piece, it was an excellent and understandable description of the alt right and its origins in paleoconservatism, with ties to white nativism, isolationism and libertarianism. I hope others read it. For me it was educational, though I admit that I may be less well informed on the subject going in than others may be. The antipathy to democracy and democratic institutions is particularly intriguing (and scary).

      If anyone else is having trouble with the link, here’s the URL address that I copied from the piece:

  • JSpencer
  • JSpencer

    Just repeating that VOX address again (thanks Ballard) because the article is so good. Yes, it requires a bit of reading and thinking, but actual thinking is necessary if an antidote to all of this dangerous foolishness is going to be created.

    Evolution is hard isn’t it. After reading the article in it’s entirety, I have more respect than ever for the ideals espoused by the U.S. Constitution. Let’s hope we can adhere to them and continue fighting and educating for worthwhile values. Clearly there people in our midst who have not only given up on them, but who want to do away with the progress we’ve made so far. Trump is just a symptom, but he’s also presented us with a critical learning opportunity.

  • dduck

    Maureen has an Alt-Right artice today:

    A juicy bit of humor for my fellow anti-Trumpians, I think you will enjoy it:

  • rudi

    Some other interesting links about alt-right neo-reactionaries:
    RationalWiki Neoreactionary
    wiki – Richard B. Spencer

  • This is all great info… thanks everyone.

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