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Posted by on Jul 5, 2014 in Energy, Government, History, International, Media, Military, Places, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War | 3 comments

Aided by America and Europe, ISIS Poses Mortal Threat to Iran (De Morgan, Belgium)


How much of a threat does ISIS pose to Iran – and is that part of the agenda of Washington and its Western allies? In another twist on the theory that the United States has not only fostered ISIS, but is using it as a foreign policy tool to alter the map of the Middle East, columnist Kader Abdolah of Belgium’s De Morgen starts with a visceral history of why Shiites hate Sunnis: Omar, the second caliph and successor to the Prophet Muhammad, invaded Persia and took it for the Arabs, occupying it for 700 years. Abdolah writes that Persians were so angry, they created a new form of Islam called Shiism to destroy the old Sunnism from within. According to Abdolah, a major showdown for Islam is now approaching, as the newest ‘caliphate,’ ISIS, closes in on Persia again, threatening to repeat an event that Shiites have seethed over for a millennia – which is precisely what America wants to see.

For De Morgan, Kader Abdolah writes in part:

When the Prophet Muhammad died [632 AD.], Abu Bakr took power. He was the first caliph, the guardian and protector of the new Islamic state [died 634 AD of natural causes]. Omar was the second caliph [and was stabbed by a Persian slave in response to the Muslim conquest of Persia.]


Uthman was the third. He collected the oral suras of Muhammad and made them into a book, the Quran [Uthman was assassinated by rebels in 644AD]. Ali, son-in-law of Muhammad, was fourth [assassinated in 661AD by a Kharijite named Im?m Ali ibn Abi Talib over the Kharijite defeat at the Battle of Nahrawan in 659AD].


The ancient Persians, now the Iranians, hate Omar. I remember it from my childhood. We had a festival in which we burned “Omar” dolls. Smoke from the hatred of the Sunni is preserved in my memory.


Fourteen hundred years ago, Caliph Omar, like ISIS today, invaded the Persian empire with thousands of fanatical fighters. Omar conquered the entire realm and expanded the Second Caliphate. The Persian king [Yazdegerd III] was killed. This left Persia [Shiite] in the hands of Arabs [Sunni] for 700 years.


There are no fathers in Iran who would want to give their daughters to an Arab. I myself, Kader Abdolah, love Arabic literature, the Arabic language, Arabic cuisine, Arab belly dancing, Arab women, and Arab music, yet even I wouldn’t give my daughter to an Arab (incidentally, it is highly doubtful that she would listen to me). What I’m saying has nothing to do with racism, but history. Sunnism and Shiism. It’s about ancient caliphates who robbed us of everything.


The ancient Persians who almost succumbed under pressure from the Arabs, decided to break Muhammad’s Islam from within. They used their power to shape a narrative and concocted a story: Ali was the First Caliph, and the only proper successor to Muhammad. Cursed is Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman. Long live Ali and his descendants!

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  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Very interesting piece, William. Thank you.

    The title of the original article is also interesting: “ISIS are old, hungry wolves who have come out of the dark caverns of history.”

    BTW, it should be De Morgen newspaper.

  • slamfu

    Lol, ISIS hardly bears comparing to a real caliphate. They are not going to be expanding their gains much farther, they’ve got most of the Sunni lands already and only did so because they hate Maliki. Anything else they want to take they have to go into Shiite territory. You will not be seeing 2000 gunmen armed with small arms taking a city of a million plus again. Iran will back Maliki like they back Assad and for the same reasons.

    This “Caliphate” has also earned the hatred of the rest of the Muslim world for arrogantly claiming that title for itself. I doubt the Saudi’s are eager to relinquish their leading role in the Sunni Muslim world because this two bit whack job made a proclamation.

  • dduck

    Thanks, WK, fascinating article.

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