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Posted by on Mar 23, 2010 in Health, Politics, Society | 25 comments

Affordable Health Care for America: It’s Now the Law of the Land

Plenty will be said an written by politicians, journalists and pundits about the historic event we just witnessed in the East Room of the White House: President Obama’s enactment of the most extensive health care legislation in decades—perhaps in our history.

As an American, I just want to express my thanks and my personal sentiments about this landmark legislation.

First, as I have said so often, I really have no dog in this fight.

Both as active duty and retired military I have always had the best health care in the world—health care provided and paid for by the U.S. government. Today I continue to enjoy this government sponsored health care, the best in the world, at minimal cost. And I know I will continue to do so.

I say this for several reasons.

First, because this is evidence—at least to me—that U.S. government provided, sponsored, paid for, or even “regulated” health care is not the socialist graveyard so many opponents of such legislation claim it to be.

Second, because in my opinion such legislation does not take away or diminish any of my freedoms, rights or patriotism by asking me to share some of my good fortunes with millions of other Americans who have not been as blessed.

Finally—and you can call me whatever you wish—because I do not object to paying a few more dollars in order for all Americans to begin to have a taste of the benefits I have enjoyed for so long.

And to those who view it differently, forgive me, but I don’t see this legislation as the end of “America as we know it now.” I see it as a new chance, new hope, a new beginning for so many Americans who have been left behind.

Legislation does not make or break a great nation. How such legislation is used to benefit or abuse its citizens does.

I firmly believe that the legislation that just became law will do the former—if we just give it a chance.

That is my personal opinion.

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