I have been wanting to write about this.

About the New Republican Party playing the victim game.

About the New Republican Party’s “wimpiness” and “wussiness“

About the New Republican Party’s, “Look Mom, they are being mean to me.”

About the New Republican Party’s, “We can’t take it anymore,” after all its dishing-out.

About the New Republican Party saying through its spokesman “I am ashamed of my country.”

About the New Republican Party — by way of its icon — spending two days recently “wallowing in self-pity”

About the New Republican Party’s constant threats of taking the ball and running home with it because it doesn’t get its way.

About the New Republican Party — through its Speaker — expressing mortal fears that the Obama administration’s goal is “to just shove [Republicans] into the dustbin of history”

About the Old Republican Party embodied by John McCain, Lindsey Graham et al believing that it can bully, slander, insult, demonize good men like Chuck Hagel — and get away with it.

But the New Republic beat me to it and in a much better and sassier way than I could ever write about it.

Please read how members of the New Republican Party, “the Party of Testosterone,” lately “have been a bunch of crybabies: Hey mama, President Obama is picking on us. He’s so strong, so ruthless,” and how “Some of the biggest bullies in the schoolyard, it seems, can dish it out, but they can’t take it.” But also read about Obama’s “very secret plot to end the Republican Party,” in the New Republic’s “Annihilate!”

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Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist
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The way the GOP reacts to Obama IS pretty interesting. I think they really believed they could make him a one term president, then when they realized he was always ahead of their game, they decided to feel victimized instead. Ah well, any day Rush L is wallowing in self pity has to be a good day for normal folks. 😉