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Posted by on Nov 25, 2009 in Politics, Society | 5 comments

A State Dinner With Typos

Obviously not that big of a deal, but it seems to follow an odd series of silly blunders in the Obama White House.

IE: Sending the British PM the wrong format of DVDs and similar small but silly mistakes that you’d think they would catch.

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  • rudi

    LOL PE is one of those East Coast elites the Palinites hate so much…

  • TheMagicalSkyFather

    I live a few blocks from the Willamette river and I have no idea how to spell it half of the time(it is pronounced in an odd counter-intuitive way, at least in my opinion). This is so beyond silly and nit picky that I can’t even ignore it for its silliness but instead have to ask the reporter “where’s the beef?” Either give us something note worthy, report on something important or quit your job and allow an actual reporter to take your place because we have a lack of them right now. We seem to have plenty of people nit picking silly crap though and being “outraged, OUTRAGED I say!!” I am outraged that with the amount of stuff to be investigated reported on and outraged about this is what you decided to write about. How many times did the dog pee? Could it be considered a scandal? This is just stupid.

  • TheMagicalSkyFather

    To cut down on any confusion I am actually going off about the NYT’s person not the poster here.

  • DLS

    How big an issue will this be? It’s no surprise that people acting like out-of-touch elite kiddies would commit blunders that normally should be incredible. The English- and morality-challenged may scoff at this, or (out of defensiveness) criticize, perversely, the critics.

  • observer9

    It’s nice that Mrs. Obama’s dress was designed by an Indian person and made by Indians. But why were they not culturally aware of the occasion and the need for modesty of not baring shoulders and upper arms (as well as upper torso) so as not to offend the Indian dignitaries? Yes, I know this was in the USA, so perhaps those rules shouldn’t apply. Yet, we are supposed to be culturally sensitive, right?

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