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Posted by on Nov 30, 2008 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

A Simple Question for Big 12 Fans

I don’t ask this impudently. My favorite conference, the Big 10, has its problems. I’m willing, in fact, to admit that the Big 10 is down this year.

But really, how do fans Big 12 teams expect their favorites to do in the post-season BCS bowl games? This weekend’s five matchups in the Big 12 saw a total of 371 points scored, 102 of those in what was supposedly the elite game of the day, Oklahoma at Oklahoma State. What do you make of a conference where the average total points per game was 74? Or how do you explain that one Big 12 team, Oklahoma’s Sooners, supposedly the third best in the country, gave up 41 points to the 12th-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys in a winning match with no overtimes?

I tell you what I made of it as I watched about a quarter of the Sooners and the Cowboys. “Where are their defenses?” I wondered. The two teams’ offensive squads moved up and down the field for scores, with the Cowboys showing greater talent on offense. But watching them, I was reminded of nothing so much as one of those unrealistic football video games.

Can teams from the vaunted Big 12 South win against elite competition from other conferences?

I don’t know. But based on the points that teams like Oklahoma State and Oklahoma give up, if I were a betting person—and I’m not—I wouldn’t be inclined to bet more than a couple of bucks on them.

I’m probably missing something.

Someone show me what it is.

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  • Mark I am not saying this as a Gator Fan, or Sec fan either, but I have been really wondering where is the D in the Big 12.

    I mean no disrespect to the Big 12, but this is getting out of hand, I mean their elite team games are good for at least 60 points a team.

    The real question is, what will happen to the Big12 when Missouri beats Texas or Oklahoma, for the Big 12 title. Because too me, Missouri has a chance because no one plays defense in the Big12.

  • $90765

    I think a good part of it does have to do with disappointing defenses, but you also have to acknowledge the quarterback situation in the Big 12. Four quarterbacks have been considered Heisman challengers for much of the year (Mizzou’s Daniel, Texas’ McCoy, Oklahoma’s Bradford and Tech’s Harrell), and several others are among the most impressive in college football (Ganz of Nebraska, Reesing of Kansas and Robinson of Oklahoma State).

    When you have offenses this good, it’s hard for anybody to stop them, especially in college. But yeah, it is a concern that if any of these teams reaches the national title game, they’ll be one of the lowest ranked defenses to enter the game in a long time, perhaps ever.

    Unfortunately, with no big non-conference games earlier in the season, it’s tough to know what will happen, but I choose to believe that the offenses are simply this good, and the defenses can hold their own when it’s necessary. Hope I’m not proven wrong…..

  • superdestroyer

    It is easy to look good on defense when you play against teams coached by Phil Fulmer or Tommy Tuberville. Niether one seems to care about offense at all.

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