Trump's second "apology," on Facebook

Trump’s second “apology,” on Facebook

NOt ‘sorry you were offended’ and not the meandering babble that Trump teleprompter-read, word for pre-designed word, tonight:

You weight it for yourself. I’ll offer a couple ways that one might consider…

The short assessment might be something like this: would you accept Trump’s apology tonight from your own kid who just did something completely unacceptable> Yeah dad, Im sorry, but it’s a distraction to talk about this, I have been at highschool learning stuff and I am here to take care of everyone and besides Joe Blow and his girlfriend are ten times worse than me, and this is all just a set up.


1. say how you got into doing whatever; your long term habit/ addiction/predation

2. say what you did exactly, where, who, how and when and why– and at length

3. show acute insight that comes from true remorse and consideration of others as full human beings, and say until exhausted how you hurt, demeaned, dehumanized others.

4. Say what you will do next time instead, given deep reflection on one’s own flaws and addictions. Name them, show insight into what is needed to be added to one’s life now.

5. Ask forgiveness of each person, by name and LISTEN to them without defenses, excuses or bs. If you have to listen for days, months.

6. Accept if they do not forgive you, or if they do.

7. Go deal with one’s own addict behavior, and strive to stay clean and be accountable to several someones who will hold your feet to the fire instead of letting you off the hook for giving one more time, merely a good ‘performance.’

I hold hope ever for people to be able to come clear and be better than before in terms of learning genuine, demonstratable compassion for others, instead of only for themselves.

And, I note too that those who have spent decades in power-addict and sex addict acting out even while bellowing about how ‘right’ they are, do not usually have the empathic means to see others’ pain that they themselves have caused, but rather only will make claims that they themselves are/have been wronged, misled, forced into untoward and inhuman behaviors. Without apology.

Oh yes, they will claim they are embarrassed, shouldnt have ought to have done x and y, and will claim it all ‘was a long time ago.”

Read above what is a true apology that shows not only insight into one’s own darkness, but also makes reparations, and fastens oneself to far far better, consistently for present.

Follow the steps, no doubt Trump will be forced to an apology. See if you think he is caseworked by rote, or if there is still a true self within him.

You weigh it and see.

DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist
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  • Robert P. Coutinho

    I pray that it will happen, but I am not foolish enough to believe it has much of a chance.