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Posted by on Dec 12, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

A brief follow-up on land seizures by government for the profit of others

I posted below and at my own weblog Random Fate on a case of abuse of eminent domain in Florida, and I commented on how the governmental system in the United States is beginning to resemble that of China when it comes to property rights. From, here is an illustration of the state of affairs in that country:

Government banners hung at the village entrance said, “Following the law is the responsibility and obligation of the people” and “Don’t listen to rumors, don’t let yourself be used.” Another tried to placate local anger, promising, “The people’s government will always support the people of Dongzhou.”

The police shootings Tuesday were the deadliest known clash yet amid growing anger in areas throughout China over government land seizures for construction of power plants, shopping malls and other projects.

Farmers often complain they are paid too little. Some accuse local authorities of stealing compensation money.

Note the middle paragraph, “government land seizures for construction of power plants, shopping malls, and other projects.”

Sound familiar?

Write your representatives, national, state, and local, and inform them that it is the role of government to protect property rights, not to seize property to gain profits for those already rich and powerful.

Cross-posted to Random Fate.

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