I do a lot of programs for kids and see frequent evidence of their compassion.

Here is an example — about a 10 year old boy who wants to make sure that his Navy Seal father, who was taken from him abruptly in the recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan, is not forgotten:

Here’s the LINK to his iReport.

And here is the text:

iReport —
My father was one of the 30 US Soldiers killed in Afghanistan yesterday with the Seals rescue mission. My father was the pilot of the chinook. I have seen other pictures of victims from this deadly mission and wish you would include a picture of my father. He is the farthest to the left.

Braydon Nichols, 10 yrs old
Kansas City, MO

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • Allen

    Yeah, CNN is getting real sloppy. Didn’t even bother to put the picture of the “non-seals” up on TV. I guess to CNN if you ain’t a Seal you ain’t s____.

    The other day they had an Eye report from Syria and refused to give the name of the eye reporter to protect them from Syrian authority reprisal. Then in their infinite wisdom they showed them! Seems they haven’t heard from them since. That was Anderson Cooper 360. Whom in my opinion has run his course.