No Comment From Us

…on this Reuters photo showing President Bush and former Rep. Mark Foley that has been run on several weblogs now. (Your comments and captions should be interesting…)


  1. “Measure it.”

    “It’s this big, with the codpiece.”


  2. Is that former disaster director behind Bush?

  3. If it is Brown, that’s like a photographic trifecta, isn’t it?

  4. Well this is rude but my first thought was Moe, Larry and Curly!

  5. Richard 23:

    You beat me to it! And with the little somethin’ extra about a codpiece.

  6. Come on guys, do yu hoenstly think bush condone the actoins of foley? i mean it is a priceless picture with more than a thousand phrases to it! But seriously, has there been reports of bush knowing of foleys action and doing nothing? if so i have yet to see any and if you could post the link id appreciaate it so i can destroy the bush bubbles my friends have once again!

    thank you,

  7. “Foley you folly is growing…”

  8. Bushman, “So he said, ‘THIS LONG’?”

    Perv-o-the-day, “Yeah, but he can’t read the ruler, it was really only this long. I had streaming video of the whole thing.”

  9. Crooks and Liars had this as a caption contest

  10. The link button isn’t workin…..


    Cut and Paste

  11. I actually didn’t see it. I LOVE Crooks and Liars and link to it but I’ve been traveling, dealing with a school issue with a young person, booking my shows and performing. I’ve seen this on three sites so far and I know there are even more. Usually I pass on ones I’ve seen somewhere else, but how could I possibly pass THIS one up? (I’ve run similar photos over the months with various politicos with the same gesture, and usually made a crude, inappropriate and fun comment about Viagra)

  12. My caption from C&L:

    Pretending to be cool: white guys discuss booty.

  13. “…..but how could I possibly pass THIS one up?”

    I wouldn’t it’s fookin classic!

  14. “Congressman, you’re trying to tell me my brother Jeb’s surplus is this big?”

  15. No caption. It’s really nothing to see if you ask me. I bust Bush for all kind of crap he’s done over the past 6 years, but he had nothing to do w/ the Foley thing…it’s between Foley and House Congressional leadership. Let’s leave it at that.

  16. Bush: the fish I caught was THIS big

    Foley: ghegheghegheghe… fish huh?

  17. Bush: I heard you caught a penis this big. hehehe

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