7 graphs that prove America is overrated (via GlobalPost)

Welcome to the Land of the Not-So-Free. Kyle Kim As if the recent string of high-profile scandals over Benghazi, AP phone records and the IRS weren’t enough to land the Obama administration in political hot water, the controversial news of the National Security Agency’s top secret PRISM program has…

Guest Voice
  • SteveK

    Yep… Now just wait for the ‘Oh NO you and your graphs are wrong‘ machine to kick in.

    The health care industry, Super-Pharma, anti-union “right to work” shills and all the others representing the 1%ers (Congressmen, Senators, 5ยข per post stay at home trolls, etc.) spend hundreds of millions annually trying to tell us that all those other governments are socialists and that alone makes us better than them.