“They Saved the Big Banks But Kind Of Lost The Economy Doing It”

Please read the latest piece from Simon Johnson. He sounded so optimistic a few months ago, but has since become resigned.

Author: MIKKEL FISHMAN, Economics Editor


  1. “too big to save”


  2. Banks your way have long been too big to save. I'm not sure why it hasn't come up…

  3. Yes, the “too big to save” jumped right out at me, too.


  4. cause everything in my neck of the woods will eventually be public property ;)

  5. …that the Obama administration has “proposed the biggest regulatory overhaul in seventy-five years.”

    Conveniently bypassing Glass-Steagall, which was passed about 77 years ago (and repealed about 10 years ago).

  6. “too big to save”

    What does that say about Washington in another 10-20 years, or Sacramento as early as this year?

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