Who’s Hating Who?

Jennifer Rubin asks why Jews hate Palin, but reading her piece I could only wonder why Rubin hates American Jews? It is rare, exceedingly rare, to find a piece so openly contemptuous, so nakedly trafficking in anti-Jewish stereotyping, in a mainstream American magazine. Who would have thought Commentary would have broken the dike?


  1. The desire to rile against the Jews, so frustratingly liberal despite the right-wing imperative their Abrahamic brotherhood gives them, sometimes makes people embarass themselves. Palin is the grace and glory now – she is the dream of the right-wing marketers. The Jews not tagging along with the rest of the mob is as infuriating as Nelson's obsession with abortions is to the left.

  2. I read the piece, and while there was a certain stereotyping of Jewish characteristics by the Conservative Jew Rubin, there is no hatred of Jews on her part, just application of a stereotype that she does have a certain knowledge of.

    I have to wonder if some prominent liberal Jew will attack Rubin for not being Jewish enough ala Jesse Jackson's comments on Arthur Davis. Its fine to call out Rubin for using a broad brush to paint Jewish traits and portray stereotypes, but this is not a hatred of Jews.

  3. I admit, I didn't get past half way through her piece, but I kept wondering, gee isn't it just because most Jews are liberal Dems.? Why the fuss, I don't like Palin (Pain) either, does that mean I am Jewish (I'm not telling). A lot of smoke over a moose kisser.

  4. It's been my experience that any Jew that strays from “the party line” is branded a hater. Much as some Republicans that stray from the “straight and narrow” are branded as RINOs.

    Both the “haters” and the “RINOs” are amazed at the narrow mindedness that permeates the culture.

  5. What a loathsome article. Even more so than usual for Jennifer Rubin's articles, and that's saying a lot. I've never seen anything so anti-semitic from a mainstream publication, much less a leading Jewish publication.

  6. I read the piece, and while there was a certain stereotyping of Jewish characteristics by the Conservative Jew Rubin, there is no hatred of Jews on her part, just application of a stereotype that she does have a certain knowledge of.

    With all due respect, Leonidas, you really are not in a position to make this assertion. I am Jewish, I read every word of Rubin's article, too, and I agree with David: she unquestionably is using anti-semitic stereotypes to make a right-wing argument in support of Palin. What she wrote was despicable. It would be despicable from anyone in any context, but coming from a Jewish writer who writes for a leading Jewish publication that specializes in accusations of self-hating Jew and anti-semitism toward anyone who criticizes official Israeli policies in Gaza and the West Bank, it's even more contemptible.

  7. I'm surprised some of the lefties didn't mix metaphors if and when admitting the truth, that there is PC conformity (“authenticity”) and an insistence that this group, too, remain tethered within the Dem Party plantation.

  8. I didnt read the whole chapter Miss Rubin wrote, just half, about 4500 wordsin, but quoting from polls done in 1980, making broad assumptions on “what Jews believe' based on two people, Naomi Wolfe, etc., I wondered if the lady has a belief first, then, looked around for 'stuff' to support her view. As a factual thesis, the article wouldnt pass muster for a class in research, freshman year. On the other hand, even though it appears a 'researched' piece, it isnt. It's meant as a polemic. And a polemic is often contrarian. Sometimes just to see what happens. I note for heer long long article, there are zero comments. I wondered why, esp at that particular pub.

    just wondering.


  9. For her conservative admirers, she continues to exemplify independence, moxie, common sense, (etc.)

    When I got to this part, where it became clear that Rubin viewed Palin as an example of “common sense”, I realized the rest of the article was likely to be on the bizarre side… but I persevered! How could someone be this fixated on Jewish opinions of Sarah Palin unless they had an ax to grind? Rubin seems to have issues that run deeper than any legitimate concerns about Jewish perceptions of SP.

  10. You don't like what she wrote, and you disagree with her complaints about Gaza policies, but does this make her a “self-hater?”

  11. Vey, she may or may not be a self-hater, but what I actually wrote was that she writes for a leading Jewish publication that views pretty much any criticism of Israeli military and political policies as indicative of anti-Semitism or of self-hatred when the criticism of said policies comes from Jews, or both.So it's ironic, to say the least, to read an article like this one by Jennifer Rubin, in this same magazine, that uses such hateful, vile stereotypes about Jewish people in order to explain why Sarah Palin is so unpopular among American Jews.

    Rubin's opinions on Gaza policies in and of themselves have nothing to do with what is offensive about her article.

  12. On the other hand, even though it appears a 'researched' piece, it isnt. It's meant as a polemic, I think. And a polemic is often contrarian.

    Yes, exactly! The article has a faux-scholarly gloss on it but there is no actual scholarship.

    I note for her long, long article, there are zero comments at her posting site. I wondered why, esp at that particular pub.

    That might be the magazine's policy rather than Rubin's in particular. None of the columns at Commentary have a comments section, to my knowledge. It does, however, say a lot about the magazine's openness to the kind of lively political debates that take place in comments sections.

  13. Kathy there's a place under her article for giving your response to her article. I didnt try it out, but it's there.

    you put it well, faux-scholarship. I'm wondering that she doesnt think her readership would notice this lack? I know its often easier to write long-long (Literally her article was almost a small padded book) without giving the time to editing, but even in a polemic there's usuallly some bone(s) given to 'the other side' at least a para's worth. I wonder why the article went so long. Online, going past about 3500 words and even the most astute writers are dead to most readers. Most articles read seem to run about 600-2500.

  14. Why anyone kept reading after the first paragraph is beyond me. The author wants to generalize the social makeup of an entire culture by their perceived reaction to one person. Why bother reading that kind of rubbish.

  15. Probably masochists. I am a 1/2 masochist. And, JSC had to persevere, what fun this article was.

  16. I had a similar reaction to JSpencer — I was almost curious what was the next stereotype the author was going to latch onto. Jews are educated, so they don't like Palin. Ok, it's an overgeneralization, but ok. Jews are liberals, so they don't like Palin. Well, mostly; so, ok. Then, saying that being liberal and educated couln't possibly be enough of a reason to dislike Palin, the author starts in on the super offensive stuff. Jews hate big families; Palin has a big family. Jews hate babies and love abortion. Jews especially hate babies with health problems. Jews hate the working class. Jews can't relate to people who work hard. Jews are ugly, and Palin is pretty. Jews are bad at sports and good at school. Palin loves Jesus; Jews, uh, don't. Jews want all that snobby “knowledge” n stuff in their politicians; Palin seems to have very little of that. Jews can't contemplate the idea of a politician outside their socio-economic circle.

    So, in conclusion, Jews are just meanie-elitist-ugly-babyhating-abortionhappy-brainiac snobs who can't see how totally awesome Palin is.

    Or something.

  17. “Does this make her a self-hater?”

    Maybe she's trying to be an “exceptional” Jew — you know, not like all those other Jewy Jews. Like being “smart for a girl” or “well-spoken for a black person”.

  18. Maybe Rubin was just having a really, really bad day, or was experiencing some weird sort of identity crisis, or had just run across an unusually touching and evocative picture of Sarah Palin that made her feel all protective and motherly. . . in an oddly lashing out at Jews sort of way. ;-)

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