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Posted by on Jan 31, 2013 in Crime, Featured, Guns, Law, Media, Mental Health, Places, Society, Terrorism | 15 comments

5 Year Old, Hostage of Killer of School Bus Driver

These are the facts as we know them, about the gunman from Alabama having kidnapped and still holding a young kindergardener boy, against his will.

The impasse continues into second day Jan 31, 2013

Police have surrounded the underground bunker where retired trucker Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65 has holed up with the kidnapped child.

Police, fire, bomb squad, helicopter, officers from multiple agencies, media and ambulance are present on this dead-end road near a small city of 2,300 souls.

The child is reported to have Asberger’s Syndrome. ed. note: Aspberger’s as a diagnosis, has been on the diagnosis spectrum of autism. AS can cause a child to have trouble with social skills, sensory awareness and to carry some other developmental and physiological lags or unusual preferences. The children however are very able and bright, and very able to learn– which includes learning to relate to others in time. They are sometimes easily led, and often disoriented if a change in routine occurs, which is not unlike many children, but which means often, some extra vigilance by adults re the child’s perceptions and judgments will be useful to insure the child’s sense of safety and security.

The police have lowered a package with the child’s medication in it, into the bunker after his captor agreed to it, it is reported.

The gunman, according to neighbors was known as a menacing figure “who once beat a dog to death with a lead pipe, threatened to shoot children for setting foot on his property and patrolled his yard at night with a flashlight and a shotgun.”

Ronda Wilbur, said Dykes beat her 120-pound dog with a lead pipe for coming onto his side of the dirt road. The dog died a week later.”He said his only regret was he didn’t beat him to death all the way,” Wilbur said. “If a man can kill a dog, and beat it with a lead pipe and brag about it, it’s nothing until it’s going to be people.”

Dykes is described by the small town residents as being “anti-government” and said he was “a long time concern” in the community.

Court records show he was due in court Wednesday morning to face menacing charges that he shot at his neighbors in a dispute last month over a speed bump. Neighbor Claudia Davis said he fired shots at her, her son and her baby grandson over damage Dykes claimed their pickup truck did to a makeshift speed bump in the dirt road.

Yesterday, Dykes, with gun in hand, boarded a stopped school bus and demanded two boys between 6 and 8 years old. When the driver tried to block his way, the gunman shot him several times and dragged the 5-year-old boy off the bus.

The bus driver died.

The other twenty children rushed to the back of the bus when the gunman entered.

Homes on the road had been evacuated yesterday after authorities found what they believed to be a bomb on the property.

SWAT teams are in position on the gunman’s property.

Police negotiators are trying to gain the child’s safe and living release.

Authorities are saying, they have “no reason to believe that the child has been harmed.”

Officers were heard saying they were trying to communicate with Dykes through a PVC pipe into the bunker, which is surmised to be like an underground tornado shelter.

The small town is near the Georgia and Florida borders, a peanut farming region.

The bus driver, Charles Albert Poland Jr., 66, has been proclaimed by town residents, [many of whom are parents who had children on the bus]… a hero who gave his life to protect the 21 students aboard the bus.

CODA The image is a public domain pix of an underground shelter, not the underground place Dykes is in with the child.

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  • sheknows

    This is a totally irrational person who is prone to unthinkable violence. We can only pray for the safety of this child, and hope someone can convince him to release the boy unharmed.

  • slamfu

    Asberger’s is really hard to take care of. That kid can’t help how he’s acting and this only compounds his danger in the hands of this madman. Thought this situation couldn’t be more awful, but yet again, I was wrong.

  • Willwright

    Let’s hope they both survive. The gunman obviously has several loose screws. The guy down the street with several weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo in his house scares me more than external terrorist threats. Unfortunately there are more than a few of these type of people today. The looney far right cranks these people predicting doom and destruction. I predict we will have more trouble in the coming years as a result.

  • dduck

    Will, bet you can’t guess what is the most dangerous activity that a U.S. senior can do during the day. Hint, it ain’t bump into a terrorist, even in NYC.

  • Harming an animal should be a capital offense. Certainly enough evidence to prove a link to dangerous psychotic behavior. . Let’s call it “preemptive execution.”

  • dduck


  • ordinarysparrow

    The beating of the dog was in Alabama … it would of been a felony if he had prosecuted….that would of made him ineligible to posses a gun….

  • zusa1

    Good point OS.

  • Willwright

    Ok, DD you’ve me curios, what’ the most dangerous thing a senior can do? I would guess breathing, but it’s probably something like driving a car.

  • jdledell

    I can’t imagine what the parents of this boy are going through. To live with absolute terror in their hearts and mind 24 hours a day for days on end would send me right over the edge. I pray to G-d for the boy’s safety and and to hold the parents and this small community in His loving arms to help them get through this awful time.

  • ordinarysparrow

    dduck .. am curious, will guess
    in the home being in the bathroom? falling
    outside of the house, driving the car? wreck
    hospitalization ? dying while there

  • The_Ohioan


    Interesting. If he had attempted to purchase a weapon after 2000 when this law was put into effect, he could have had a felony conviction on his record. And he could have been serving a 10 year sentence, but he would not receive counseling. He probably had the gun prior to 2000, plus he might have served the sentence and come out even more messed up and more people might have been killed.

    Most of these people need mental health intervention and some of those who think they need guns because they might have to fight off government officials (like this guy) may need the same. Talking anti-government is one thing, stashing an arsenal in fear of your government is something different entirely.

    For years, back in the hills of Appalachia, revenuers were fair game; moonshine then, pot and meth labs now. Just a couple of years ago a woodsman was injured by tripping a wire attached to a gun set by a meth production group. They weren’t and aren’t mentally ill, they just didn’t want to abide by the law.

  • dduck
  • ordinarysparrow

    The Ohioan

    If the man had a felon it would of been violation to have a gun in his possession” ..
    ” A convicted felon is not allowed to own or possess any firearm. To do so would violate federal as well as many state laws. To own or possess a firearm, especially when the felony is a non-violent felony, one can petition the state where convicted to have one’s civil rights reinstated. In some states it is referred to as a pardon. Many states will allow gun rights to be reinstated at the same time as civil rights are reinstated or the pardon is granted. Otherwise, to reinstate gun rights following a felony you must file a proper petition with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).” from an attorney from Alabama…

    Respectfully on this part: “He probably had the gun prior to 2000, plus he might have served the sentence and come out even more messed up and more people might have been killed.” That might be a slippery slope to not convict a criminal because he might come out worst than he went in?

    Have wondered if they called in some of Conspiracy Theory leaders like Alex Jones or perhaps NRA’s Wayne LaPierre if this man might listen to them?

    If Conspiracy Theorist fill the heads of mentally sick individuals with paranoid theories, they need to take some responsibility for what they propagate.

  • The_Ohioan


    I wasn’t thinking of not convicting him, only that if he spent 10 years in jail with no counseling he could come out even more messed up and more angry with his neighbors for getting him convicted in the first place. And I doubt any felony conviction would keep him from using his gun any way he wanted – as we see happened when he was required to appear in court. He should have been arrested after firing at that family, unless that’s not against the law in Alabama.

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