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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Politics | 5 comments

5 Reasons Paul Ryan Shouldn’t be Mitt Romney’s VP (UPDATED)

I have to admit: I am utterly puzzled by the argument that Ryan would be this appealing figure as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. I think he will lose a whole chunk of independent voters. And, to me, he is as charismatic as Romney. I read all the arguments about how great he’d be but this independent voter sees him as someone for the party base and of the party base. From the buzz (listening to XM radio on the cable stations, its great POTUS talk show, and talk radio) he seems to be the one whose potential Veep star is most quickly on the ascent.

On the other hand, maybe Romney will go for a game changer: Maybe he’ll pick Sarah Palin.

A great roundup on five reasons Paul Ryan shouldn’t be Mitt Romney’s VP is HERE.

UPDATE: Here’s yesterday’s “Hardball” discussion about the increasingly possible Romney Ryan option:

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