Take A Peek….

….at one of our favorite “new” weblogs, The Heretik.

The Heretik, we predict, has a VERY bright future ahead of it as a site that’s going to get a steady and loyal readership — and it doesn’t matter what party readers belong to. The reason: it is a weblog with an incredible amount of style, so much so that its personality — an “organic,” natural personality that isn’t contrived — screams out at you. At the same time, even though its FUN to read it’s also incredibly informative and skillfully put together as an infopackage. And, unlike certain people with the initials TMV (who are otherwise perfect in every way), The Heretik offers incredibly concise posts. You’ll also get great news and blog links there as well.

Look at THIS post on Karl Rove. No one can accuse The Heretik of falling into “blogspeak” or writing a proforma entry on this, can they? It has pizazz. And you learn some things you might not have known.

Take A Peek at The Heretik and we KNOW you’ll be taking more than a daily peek…

NOTE: Several readers email to say they love our Take A Peek feature so we’ll do more of them. Also, note that we will ROTATE the political ideologies of sites featured.

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