Those Forked Tongue Democrats: Long Term Costs

Snake.jpgBack when I was young, Kris Kristofferson warned us all of the dangers of the silver tongued devil… the person who would come off as a charming fellow and say things you want to hear, then turn around and do you wrong. If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the running series of comments from both President Obama and Congressional Democrats on matters of spending, the deficit and the national debt, you should be getting an old, familiar feeling. It was only six months ago to the day, on Feb. 22, when Barack Obama proclaimed that he was going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. And let’s be sure to recall that this was after TARP was already in play and Porkulous was under construction like a fully operational Death Star. The economy had begun to collapse the previous fall, so nobody could say it was coming as a surprise.

My, how things change in six months. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

Obama to raise 10-year deficit to $9 trillion

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration will raise its 10-year budget deficit projection to approximately $9 trillion from $7.108 trillion in a report next week, a senior administration official told Reuters on Friday.

The higher deficit figure, based on updated economic data, brings the White House budget office into line with outside estimates and gives further fuel to President Barack Obama’s opponents, who say his spending plans are too expensive in light of budget shortfalls.

Politically, the deficit has been an albatross for Obama, a Democrat who is pushing forward with plans to overhaul the U.S. healthcare industry — an initiative that could cost up to $1 trillion over 10 years — and other promises, including reforming education and how the country handles energy.

You’ll keep hearing more and more claims about how the Democrats’ proposed health care legislation will actually wind up saving money through the miracles of cutting waste, fraud, and abuse. (Oh yes, and eliminating the evil insurance companies.) But the CBO keeps on shooting those ideas down, saying that the Dem plan will not result in any savings and putting the price tag at close to one trillion. Not to mention that some analysts are convinced that the CBO is using an outdated model and the real cost of ObamaCare will come in at closer to two trillion.

And yet some supporters still protest loudly here, saying, “Oh, Jazz. Don’t you call us tax and spend Democrats. That’s an old myth and you can’t prove it.”

You’re right about one thing. So far all we’re really seeing is the spend side of that characterization, aside from some early hits on tobacco, alcohol and “luxury” items. The real taxes haven’t started yet. But don’t worry … you can trust Congress. They wouldn’t lie to you, would they? Hisssssssssssssssssssssss.


  1. Because when dealing with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and two foreign wars he really should be able to do EVERYTHING he promised in under 8 months.

  2. @ Jim Satterfield,

    When I see a moderate post from you I'll consider taking any labels you try to give others some credence, thus far I haven't.

  3. @obarmadopeandstrange
    Try using only capitals on your next rant. Loved the non use of punctuation…

  4. Leonidas

    I agree, all the politicians suck. Don't any of you people realize this is exactly what both sides want. My sides got one bigger than yours. And while we are doing all this fighting over the past they slip little bills through and half of us, or more don't even know about them. No matter what side you are on saying the other side in the past did this or that is no defense, period. If you accidentally backed out of your driveway and ran over my child and killed him then I guess it would be OK for me to wait for your kid and run him over. Thats what you all are saying when you defend which idiot was/is the biggest one. If you don't start having real, civil, thoughtful conversations with each other, (without politicians) we are all going to wake up in a place that none of us may like a whole lot. Think about it!! Find out what your neighbors think. No, not them, the neighbors from that other party.

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