Some Heartfelt Advice To Aspiring Satirists Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza

Some heartfelt advice to Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza, two excellent journalists who now seem to be aspiring satirists:

Don’t quit your day jobs.

Before you put up a You Tube that makes a comedian with flop sweat look like Chris Rock (and doesn’t enhance your image as journalists) you might want to consider THIS, THIS, THIS, or go to this guy for some coaching (as I did).

If you don’t, you will continue to produce unfunny humiliating embarrassing reputation-destroying uneven satirical pieces like THIS that uses Barack Obama’s “beer summit” as a take off point — and immediately crashes to earth:
YouTube Preview Image
Meanwhile, some are angry over this video, protested — and there has been some corporate action..


  1. As comedy it sucked. Everyone jumping to Hillary's defense needs to get a grip though. Several politicians from both parties were skewered. Is it worse to be a mad bitch than an arctic devil?

  2. Is it worse to be a mad bitch than an arctic devil?

    Yes. Plus, doesn't this compromise Milbank's and Cillizza's journalistic objectivity?

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  4. Plus, doesn't this compromise Milbank's and Cillizza's journalistic objectivity?

    Good question. My impression of Milbank is that he's more a pundit/columnist than a straight reporter of the news. After seeing this video I probably wouldn't take him very seriously if he tried to do a straight news story. There aren't many pundits I take seriously anyway.

  5. DaGoat,

    True of Milbank, imo. Cillizza, though, has pretensions to being serious with his blog “The Fix.” Ican't take him seriously anymore, though.

  6. I never thought I'd be defending Dana Milbank for anything, but I actually enjoyed this spot. Sure, its amateurish. But aren't journalists allowed to have fun?

    Also, I think Millbank's timing and tone of voice are better than Cilizza's.

    As for objectivity, expression opinions doesn't mean you lack it. Everyone has opinions. What I really don't like is journalists pretending their natural. Real objectivity means being transparent about your opinions, then doing your best to report both sides.

  7. David,

    The objection (or at least mine) to the video is not that it's “amateurish.” The objection is that it's unprofessional. I mean, if course it's amateurish because it's the work of amateurs. Milbank and Cilizza are not professional comedians; they're journalists (nominally). They're amateurs as comedians and unprofessional as journalists.

    The above of course does not even take into account the viciousness of calling Hillary Clinton a “mad bitch.” That would be the case for anyone using such language, but how can either Milbank or Cilizza ever write about Hillary Clinton again in a news or analytic political context, having called her a “mad bitch” in a comedy routine?

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