Rush Limbaugh Opens New Verbal War Front Against ABC’s Stephanopoulos


Conservative talk show host and GOP powerhouse Rush Limbaugh has opened a second front in his national verbal war — this time against ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. He insists that Republican leader Rep. Eric Cantor really DOES want President Barack Obama to fail despite what Cantor suggested in public. He also charged that Stephanopoulos is part of a White House conspiracy.

Impression from this independent voter who has been in both parties
, been a conservative, liberal and who split tickets often (I was a Reagan Democrat in the 80s): American politics has gotten increasingly hateful. But the fact that we now see people actively cheering for a President to fail — no matter how it is later finessed — and making this kind of desire a kind of partisan LITMUS TEST is mind-boggling.

The other fact is that if America fails and goes down the tubes Mr. Limbaugh is so rich that he will never feel what millions of Americans would feel as he flies in his private jet and smokes his cigars.

If Rush loses a million? So what? That’s his food bill for one week.

Cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

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