Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Asked & Answered

Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs, from “Open For Questions” posted today at

Thaddeus: Is the new administration going to get rid of the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy?

Gibbs: Thaddeus, you don’t hear a politician give a one-word answer much, but it’s yes.

More from Steve Benen and Kevin Drum.

LATER: John Aravosis weighs in.

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  • AustinRoth

    What it get replaced with is the key question, obviously. At this moment, military law still does not allow for gays to serve. I have yet to hear that that will be changed. If it is not, how is the situation for gays in the military improved by this policy change?

  • pacatrue

    It will be interesting to see if this really happens. It seems exactly like the sort of thing Obama would NOT push in the interests of bigger fish to fry. But who knows?

  • TheMaineView

    Clearly if they remove “Don't ask, Don't tell” they would have to replace it with something. Otherwise why not just leave it in place. If DaDt is left in place discrimination will continue. If nothing is done once it is removed the discrimination will still continue. Obama would do right to correct Clinton's mistake by enacting some real protections against discrimination in the military.