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A BIG CONTROVERSY OVER A NEW GROUP OF BLACK CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS called The Conservative Brotherhood is unfolding. Visit Booker Rising which has some other great links and explains:

Also check out commentary by Cobb (who founded TCB), Ramblings Journal, Uncle Sam’s Cabin, and Molotov’s blunt comments to white conservatives about the issue. As I said in Wizbang’s comments section, Booker Rising doesn’t exist to please white folks but to reach black folks, and put blackness in conservatism and centrism. The Conservative Brotherhood has helped us in achieving our goal. So we ain’t gonna apologize for our blog’s focus, or for our association with a group of black bloggers. If white folks don’t like it, then tough!

Uh, oh, there goes another progressive Blogad advertiser because we dared to post that..

(oh, no, we said the name!). This is typical of why. (Uh, oh, there goes another conservative Blogad advertiser because we dared to post that…) There are other superb news aggregators. In fact, we URGE readers to visit the new GREAT online tabloid Sploid which has meaty stories, attitude and is not only written to appeal to one ideology. If you visit the You-Know-Who-Report you can start weaning yourself off by visiting Sploid. And don’t forget the Dilby News Monitor and the Drudge Retort which also use the same format and are packed with great (and also more accurate) into.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SOME STUDENTS BRING BREATH MINTS TO SCHOOL THAT HAVE SOME CAFFEINE IN THEM? Because you have zero tolerance you throw all seven of them in jail. Isn’t it obvious? Zero Intelligence (which is NOT a blog named after Dennis Kucinich or Alan Keyes) has the details. A quote:

Holy overreaction, Batman! The school hospitalized 9 students for consuming considerably less caffeine than what you get from a can of soda. Then they realized they couldn’t go after the student for illegal drugs since both caffeine and peppermint are currently legal substances so they decided to categorize breath mints as look-alike drugs. No Altoids, Tic-Tacs or M&Ms allowed at Jackson Memorial! Better ban gum too – somebody might mistake it for Nicorette.

SPEAKING OF EDUCATION…ARE MIDDLE SCHOOLS BECOMING EXTINCT? The Education Wonks look at this serious issue.

RESTRAINT IS WISE and predictions can bite you in the you know what (hand, of course…)

A GREAT RESOURCE FOR READERS — AND BLOGGERS! Visit Mike’s Blog Roundup at the truly addicting site Crooks and Liars. Mike’s Blog Roundup has an incredible selection of links of all kinds (serious posts, funny posts, etc). AND they’re LOOKING FOR LINKS so if you’re a blogger (they don’t care what your views are) send them a link and a post. It’s a good way to get your stuff out there if you’re a blogger — and some great reading if you’re not. (And Crooks and Liars is a wonderful video blogging site).

THERE SEEMS TO BE A SLIGHT DISCREPANCY between what police said about some people did when they arrested them during the GOP convention in NYC — and with what the video camera shows.

ATTENTION Tony Blankley of the Washington Times
: Your constant use of the word “Nazi” to characterize people with whom you don’t agree — either directly or indirectly — is getting stale. So says Dave Pell. And we fully agree.

Could it have included chemical agents and radioactive materials? Read Barcepundit.

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!! Visual proof of how President George Bush keeps Israelis Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in line.

and Arthur Chrenkoff has it.

A MUST READ AS ALWAYS comes to us from Kevin Featherly, who this times steps back and ponders the Terry Schiavo case. An excerpt:

Perhaps you’d argue that Terri Schiavo was no vegetable. She could move at least in a limited way, she could breathe on her own. Videos appeared to show her smiling–though even the most generous would have to concede it was the same kind of smile radiated by the smallest of infants, the kind of smile that one can never be sure is a smile–but that parents always insist really is.

Now we wait for the results of the woman’s autopsy to tell us the definitive state of her brain injury–but of course, the doctors involved in this exercise will be labeled merchants in the culture of death if they do not declare her gray matter to have been functioning at the level of a physics professor’s.

My suspicion is that she was in the same shape as the wounded airman in John Irving’s novel “The World According to Garp”–a person able to respond at the most primitive levels to the most basic stimuli, but someone with no real mind, no real life. Maybe that is what constitutes, as some contended, a state of “minimal consciousness” as opposed to a vegetative state. I’m no doctor, I don’t know. Even the cleansed phrase “minimal consciousness” itself sounds to these ears like some sort of state of living death.

All I can say for certain about her state is that Terri Schiavo was living a kind of life that I would never want for myself.

John Cole picks it up and analyzes it.