A Coup In Canada?

Only a couple months after Canadian Conservatives won re-election it looks like the opposition may be staging something of an electoral coup. According to news reports, the three opposition parties (Liberals, NDP and BQ) have signed an agreement to joint-rule if they succeed in a no-confidence vote.

Currently the vote is scheduled for December 8th and would result in the first coalition government in Canadian history.

I would be a bit cautious about this if I were a Canadian liberal as it could smack of overturning the will of the voters. After all it has only been a couple months since they voted to put the Conservatives back in power and I doubt that a Liberal voter would be happy to see BQ or NDP cabinet ministers.

In addition I don’t know that these parties will work well together.

But it does show that the USA is not the only country to provide entertaining politics.

Author: PATRICK EDABURN, Assistant Editor