Welcoming Ken Duberstein to the Traitors’ List

Welcome aboard, Mr. Duberstein — you “former Reagan Chief of Staff and longtime GOP insider” you. With Pressler and Mathias, that makes three more of us this week alone.

And so on … as Mr. Vonnegut (were he still alive) might conclude.



Susan Eisenhower, Christopher Buckley, Alison Goldwater Ross, C.C. Goldwater, Francis Fukuyama, Larry Hunter, William Weld, David Friedman, Charles Fried, Arne Carlson, Ken Adelman, Doug Kmiec, Wayne Gilchrest, Jim Leach, Lincoln Chafee, Lowell Weicker, Linwood Holton, Jim Whitaker, Bill Ruckelshaus, Dennis Sanders, Larry Pressler, Charles Mathias Jr., Ken Duberstein


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