Ron Paul to Shake Things Up! (For Bob Barr?)

BobBarr2008.jpgApparently some of the rumors running around are true. Ron Paul is going to make a “major announcement” tomorrow. His presidential campaign may be ended, (except in Montana where the Constitution Party has conscripted him as their candidate without so much as a by-your-leave) but he still seems to be mixing things up in the final weeks of the election. I just contacted Bob Barr’s campaign manager, Russ Verney, and he confirmed that something is in the wind, pointing me to this piece in the Washington Times.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Libertarian-leaning congressman Ron Paul is urging voters to reject John McCain and Barack Obama and support one of the third-party candidates for president.

Paul, a Republican who abandoned his White House bid earlier this year, is gathering some of the candidates, independent Ralph Nader among them, on Wednesday to make his plea.

The strongest message can be sent by rejecting the two party system,” Paul said in prepared remarks obtained by AP. “This can be accomplished by voting for one of the non-establishment, principled candidates.”

From a high level, Dr. Paul seems to be indicating that any third party choice would be preferable to Obama or McCain, but where would his heart lie among the various contenders? Nader is pretty far out on the “tree-hugging” left wing, and Cynthia McKinney isn’t on the ballot anywhere but in her local PTA office last time I checked. Paul himself once ran for president on the Libertarian ticket, and his message of limited government, privacy and a rejection of American military adventurism clearly line up very well with one candidate near and dear to my heart.

What, if anything, does this mean to us? Of all the candidates not to make the finish line in the two major parties, Ron Paul was the one who amassed an army of enthusiastic (some might say fanatical) supporters who shocked the pollsters with his support in many states and raised staggering amounts of money for their candidate. If Paul’s endorsement could somehow unleash even a significant percentage of that massive glut of enthusiasm and financial support to the Barr campaign (who is on the ballot in nearly every state) just as we approach the debates and the final stages of this endless campaign, there could be some serious changes in the works. Barr already threatens to have a jarring effect on the vote in several states, and a sudden infusion of Dr. Paul’s supporters could really toss a wrench into the entire works and make Barr even more important as we move forward.

  • Michael Merritt

    McKinney’s on in 32 states according to My guess is the Libertarians, too. They’re the only party with enough states to make a difference.

  • kritt11

    While I think Dr. Paul could have made a difference if he ran AS the Libertarian’s candidate for the presidency, I doubt that his endorsement of Bob Barr will make much of a difference in the final outcome. Barr isn’t even getting any real media coverage or buying a significant amount in campaign ads.

  • jchem

    While Ron Paul did amass a pretty substantial number of supporters, they didn’t seem to be flocking to the voting booths. All that talk about the “Revolution” seemed good on the Internet. Throwing his support behind the broad brush of the other candidates will do nothing more than split his supporters among them all. If he really wanted to try shaking the race up, he should have thrown his full support behind Bob Barr. But even then, I doubt much would have come from it.

  • BrianSlowinski

    President John F. Kennedy said in his first speech as President that “United their is little we cannot do, but Divided their is little we can do, for we dare not meet a powerful foe at odds and split us under!

    This is a Uniting First Step but the 4 Liberty Candidates must work together to shine a Light on the Two Party Politics as Usual Status Quo.

    Its time to do a End Run Around the Bought and paid for National Media Outlets who are in the Tank for the Two Party Status Quo!

    Remember”All Politics is Local” start building in every corner Obama and McCain are ignoring.

    Baldwin, Barr, McKinney and Nader have agreed on Four Liberty Principles, now it is time to maximize the effort by Putting America First ahead of any Party, Personality or Power Structure.

    They should have Open Debates as Many Times as Possible pointing out the Failures of Washington D.C. to address the Real Issues Obama-McCain refuse to even acknowledge.

    I am setting up 50 Open Debates in 50 States for all the Presidential Candidates who have a Mathematical Chance of Winning!

    Contact me to help in this Effort at [email protected] to stop the Debates as Usual. Make them as Open and Transparent as Possible so Real Questions of Concern will finally be talked about.

    Remember Lincoln, Start Thinkin 4 Liberty!

  • kritt11

    What could Cynthia Mckinney possibly have in common with Bob Barr? If Dr. Paul really supports these 4 candidates from the Libertarian ticket why is he still in office as a Republican???

    After the GOP primaries, he was asked if he would resign his membership in the party and run as an Independent and he refused. That tells me he is more interested in his own reelection to the House of Representatives.

  • onleyone


    maybe he just knows there is more to it than party affiliation, but realizes that without a label he’s not allowed to play.