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Posted by on Dec 3, 2016 in Journalism, Media, Politics | 13 comments

Maybe I should be a headline writer for a “liberally biased” magazine?


Maybe I should be a headline writer for a “liberally biased” magazine?
By Robert P. Coutinho

Recent headlines declared that President-Elect Trump has “saved” 1000 jobs in Indiana from being shipped to Mexico. The details are…fascinating, to say the least. Vice President-Elect Pence (the current governor of Indiana) has promised a reported seven million dollars in tax breaks to “keep” the jobs there. That is (for those bad in arithmetic) seven thousand dollars per job.

However, what is not being touted in the headlines is the back-breaker of the story. One thousand of the original two thousand jobs WILL be shipped over to Mexico. If this were a “victory” by the Democrats, the talk-show circuit would have been shouting the following—so how about getting the “liberal press” to do it instead?

“Trump negotiates 1000 jobs transfer to Mexico!”
“Mike Pence pays Carrier $7,000 per job to send production out of state to Mexico!”
“Trump, who promised to bring back good-paying jobs, negotiates with Carrier to send those already here to Mexico!”

I think that I will try to keep posting new “headlines” for the next two to four years. This way, we can try to keep the playing field at least, if not even, somewhat understood.

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  • The Ohioan

    Yes, but he only saved 800 jobs; 300 of the 2,100 were never going to go to Mexico. So that brings the total to $8,750 per job the Indiana taxpayers are stuck with. Although this is not the only hit they will get from the Trump presidency over the next 4 years, it is impressive that it comes before he’s even in office.

    All those auto workers that got bailed out by the Obama administration after the last Republican president – and voted for Trump – must be absolutely thrilled at what they have to look forward to! And the rest of us, of course. Not feeling the “get over it and stfu”, yet.

    • dduck

      Unemployment Compensation and lost taxes not paid by workers working could offset that a little. Plus positive mental compensation for the working families.

      • Shannon Lee

        Financially speaking…this deal alone isnt going to break the bank. The problem is the headline precedent set by the incoming administration.

        threaten to send jobs over seas and we will pay off your ransom.

        • dduck

          LBJ was also a serial liar and an arm twister, but he got some good things done here, but screwed up with Vietnam. Just saying.

        • KP

          I don’t think most companies want to go over seas. What they want to do is stay here and pay lower business tax. It looks like we may go from 35% to something competitive. That would be an interesting experiment. We might even see some foreign companies settle in America.

          • Shannon Lee

            Labor is cheaper overseas and companies need to reduce their COGS.
            Tax breaks are often temporary. Those Carrier jobs wont be leaving now…but they will be leaving.

          • KP

            It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. I don’t know the answer.

          • ELIJAH SWEETE

            One of the great right wing lies – told so often you’d think they believed it – is “The Tax Reduction Rag.” 35% is the maximum corporate rate. But like the individual tax code, there are so many dodges, deductions and offsets, no corporation with a CFO worth his/her degree pays it. Other nations have lower “rates” but their corporations pay a higher percentage of NOI (net operating income) to the tax man (ahem tax person).

            Same is true with the phony baloney bellyaching about reducing the “top marginal rate” for high income/high wealth individuals. The only people who actually pay the top marginal rate are the rubes who win the lottery and haven’t lawyered up and CPA’ed up. As Warren Buffet points out, he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary and so do most zillionaires.

            See also, “death tax”. Arghh to that lie as well. Only those with estates over $4 million have any obligation and most of that can be avoided with proper estate planning. “The Tax Dodger Rag” is a lie and it’s getting old.

            Just my view, of course.

          • KP

            I want to see the tax code straightened out relative to business.

            Lets get rid of the dodges. It may put a few thousand attorneys and part of the IRS out of business; no sympathy here.

            When the middle class understands business tax codes we will have won. Pull that rotten tooth. Be brave.

            My dos centavos (centavos don’t go far at Starbucks).

          • dduck

            Yeah, get the doges out of Dodge City.

          • KP

            I am sure you recall the 1960s Dodge American Rambler.

            One of the least expensive cars for sale.

            The one I rode in had that bubbly plastic over the seats. So did the owners couches and chairs in their home. It all smelled like barf but I guess it kept the upholstery clean.

          • dduck

            And the dodges too.

          • KP


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