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  • Brownies girl

    Andy Borowitz has some stiff competition, it seems! 😉 Wonderful stuff you’ve written, Evan. Love the names, especially “Curtis Biddle Rittenhouse IV”.

    The name puts reminds me so much in mind of a memorable George Booth cartoon in the New Yorker. Maybe it was a cover cartoon. Mrs Rittenhouse playing the piano vigoroso, singing along and her parrot in its cage squawking. Beautiful! Thanks for this!

  • dduck

    Funny, thanks. love hearing about common folk.

  • Bob Munck

    Curtis Biddle Rittenhouse IV

    Oh, lord, I met a guy named approximately that, at a pre-frosh luncheon that was actually at the Union League, late summer of 1963. He was sitting next to a David Strawbridge, who lived in the same building I did senior year.

    I was thinking about that lunch as I read the article, and then it actually mentioned the Union League. Spooky. Never saw the Rittenhouse kid on campus; I don’t think he made it to Providence.

    Bg, that cartoon is in the book Rehearsal’s Off, one of my several treasured volumes of George Booth cartoons. Mrs. Rittenhouse more often played the fiddle, you know. A couple of them are signed by him; a professor of mine named Ed Koren got him to sign them.

    • Brownies girl

      Oh good golly, Bob – so great to meet somebody in pixels who knows who George Booth is! He’s been my most favourite NY-er cartoonist since day one when I first subscribed – like 40+ years ago. I LOVE that man with a passion, so help me g*d! I’m aching to get a copy of his cartoon “Write about dogs!” to frame on my wall over the computer — if you haven’t seen that one — it’s brilliant – from a writer’s POV. And yes, I too have a copy of *Rehearsal’s Off* — somewhere upstairs in the library — a beloved keepsake I’ll hang onto forever.

      My absolutely most favourite of Booth’s cartoons starts out with the caption (as the elderly couple are lying in bed): “Mrs. Van Lewis-Smythe, third wife of your chairman of the board, said to me tonight at the corporate hoodingy and twenty people within earshot …” Cripes, I laughed so hard at that one, I literally wet my pants — not ashamed to say.

      It takes a special kind of attitude to appreciate the humour of George Booth — so glad we share that – at least! All best – enjoy the summer!
      Humid as hell up here – and today a neighbour’s tree fell down outside, taking out three parking spots. Yikes, and on a weekend too! Nobody available to clean it up — they all unionized. I love this city! BG

      • Bob Munck

        Truth be told, I didn’t always get Koren’s humor (we don’t have humour down here) but he gave me a good grade anyway.

        Seemed humid here too, of course we were on a boat in the middle of Lake Norman all evening.

        You can get a lot of Booth’s cartoons by just googling the caption.

        • Brownies girl

          A million thanks Bob — you’ve made my day! BG

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