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Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Crime, Drugs, Economy | 3 comments

Benefits Seen Two Years After Legalization Of Marijuana In Colorado

Welcome To Colorado

AlterNet noted the two year anniversary of legalized marijuana in Colorado, describing the economic benefits along with the decrease in incarceration:

1) Thousands Not Arrested for Marijuana in Colorado

This initial and foundational aspect of marijuana legalization is often overlooked – marijuana arrests in Colorado have plummeted. We’ve seen possession, cultivation and distribution charges for marijuana cumulatively drop over 80%. Thousands of people in the state are no longer facing the immediate or collateral impact of a marijuana arrest. These thousands we speak of are disproportionately young black and brown men who now face one less obstacle of the many they endure in this country. We’ve also seen all drug-related charges drop by 23% on a judicial district level since the passage of amendment 64.

2) Revenue Allocation for Important Services

Colorado is projected to have brought in over 125 million dollars in taxes for 2015.  These monies are put into a fund to improve local public schools or are collected by the state to be divvied up via the Governor’s allocation plan.  The Governor’s plan provides a snapshot as to what a public health approach to marijuana looks like—funds are distributed to public education, behavioral health, law enforcement and youth prevention…

The article also noted the benefits reported after the first year by the Drug Policy Alliance:

The city of Denver saw a decrease in violent crime rates in the first 11 months of 2014, following a similar trend in 2013. Statewide traffic fatalities continue to decline, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Conservative groups opposed to marijuana legalization previously issued their own negative report, with the results being seen by others as politically motivated.

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  • JSpencer

    Thanks Ron. The history of marijuana demonization in this country offers a classic study in how fear tactics have interfered with rational policy decisions. It’s a history that is much, much longer than it ever should have been and it’s hurt a lot of people. We have many genuinely serious threats to contend with in this country, but punishing people who choose to use marijuana does nothing whatsoever to address them.

  • The DEA shut down the first study at a medical school in Virginia that reported that cannabis kills cancer in 1974. We had to wait for Dr Manuel Guzman and Dr Christina Sanchez in Spain to perform a similar study in 2001. The actions of the federal government effectively blocked the dissemination of this information and actively quashed any further research for over 25 years. These modern day inquisitionists kept the American people ignorant about cannabis’ potential to kill cancer and silenced others who would study and report this. In typical government fashion they told us that this was done for our own safety!

    “It is likely that every American in this country has known, or lost, a loved one to the horrid disease and it is absolutely despicable, and frankly evil, that the medical industry helped keep an incredibly inexpensive and highly-effective cancer-killing drug out of reach. It is unclear who in government is responsible for helping conceal the now-proven medicinal benefits of weed, or who in government revealed that for at least a decade the National Institutes of Health and Department of Health have known that instead of being a ‘dangerous drug’ like heroin, marijuana kills cancer cells and God forbid may put a smile on a cancer patient’s face. Marijuana may not be a miracle drug, but with every new revelation that it does so much more than make a user hungry, tired or laugh it is easy to comprehend why every American is not growing and benefiting from its incredible health benefits; keeping it illegal is making the pharmaceutical industrial complex and prison industry incredibly rich while people are suffering and dying.”

    NIDA, the US Department of Health, and the US National Cancer Institute now all report that cannabis KILLS cancer. How many more Americans need to die to prove that this prohibition has failed? Legalize and regulate in 2016.…/u-s-governments…

  • Slamfu

    This is working too well. The “please think of the children” crowd and the GOP are no doubt formulating a plan to undo this common sense and now statistically proven policy idea. As far as I can tell these days the GOP exists to undermine good ideas, so screwing this up too would be right up their alley after they get done trying to bork the Ex-Im bank and the Iran nuclear deal.

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