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Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in TMV News | 25 comments

Upcoming Site Changes – UPDATED


** UPDATE – 12/3/2015 **
Reminder to myself: when doing site security updates, give yourself more time. πŸ™‚
We will be officially rolling out the new site Friday night through early Saturday morning (12/4 – 12/5). We will come out of the gates functional with all posting and commenting enabled but will be adding more pieces throughout next week. Thank you for your continued patience.


** UPDATE – 11/30/2015 **
We have all bugs swatted and will be rolling out the design change this week. Not giving an exact day this week since we’re waiting on some updates. There will be post explaining the layout when we do change. Thank you for your continued patience.


** UPDATE – 11/25/2015 **
We’ve been having a few snags with the new comment system tests and some social media enhancements (which has delayed roll-out of the new site). We know what’s going on but due to the holiday, things are a bit slow. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this.


The Moderate Voice will be undergoing some drastic changes over the next several days. The most visible change will be the look of the site. The current look and feel is being scrapped for a magazine look that has more content, video, and picture areas. This has been discussed in depth over the past year and now is the time.

The comment area is also changing. We are moving away from Disqus to a custom made comment interface. This means new comment accounts will have to be created (previous Disqus comments will be imported into the new system). The interface blends right into the look and feel.

Tighter site security is being rolled out. You may be asked challenge questions at random times. That will not go away anytime soon. TMV has been hit with way too many hacking attempts (some by commenters) as of late to continue the current way. You may be “bothered” more but we will minimize issues.

There will be more changes (some seen by writers only) that will be active as well (and will be explained).

Expect downtime at various moments throughout the next several days. We will work to keep this to a minimum.

Thank you for your continued support.

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  • dduck12

    Hey guys and gals, thanks for all your hard work, we appreciate it.

  • DdW

    Thanks for your and others’ work.

  • Slamfu

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m sure I’ll hate the new look for a week or two as I’m getting older and change confuses and frightens me, but I’ll live πŸ™‚

    • Momzworld

      Lol. I couldn’t agree more! πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ Gotta get TMV into a more “with the times” look so we can do more. Too limited right now. I do find myself reluctant to change things unless a fire is lit under me. haha

  • shannonlee

    looking forward to the changes! I was never a fan of the current feel πŸ™‚ thanks for your hard work!

  • JSpencer

    Thanks Tyrone, Joe, and the rest of the TMV crew for continuing to grow this great site! Change is the only constant… or so I’ve heard. πŸ˜‰

    • SteveK

      My republican grandfather used to say, “It it isn’t growing it’s rotting.”
      Boy howdy how times have changed.

  • Thanks, Tyrone.

  • shaun

    As a TMV insider, I have some inkling of the enormous amount of planning and work that has gone into this. Tyrone, as I have found time and again, and now once again, is the man.

    • Rambie

      I’m going to miss disqus as the comment system but looking forward to the changes.

  • archangel

    Yes, Tyrone is ‘the man’ as Shaun says. Speaking with Tyrone over the last year esp and also yesterday, he is so sharp and I think the rollout will be very cool. I am looking forward to a beautiful new design and also tough security; we will have it.

    There will also be far more posts to choose from for our readers, above the fold. I think readers and commenters will like the new look and will like the additional content the front page will be carrying. At least I hope so. You are all our mirrors. So we will look forward to how you will like the new pathways for us to bring the work to you.

    For a long time we have watched various matters re format and inner workings at TMV, and have had a wish list. And the wish list costs money, and as all here know, we write for $0, and money from ads, what little there is, pays for hosting etc. But/and, we are rolling forward, all flags burning, dedicated to wanting to provide more for you, and also to batten our hatches with intelligence.

    And, in addition to a wonderful group of commenters who have long been with us, and I swear could give the loveable characters of CHeers, a run for their money… I am also grateful we have a good core of very long term writers who are dedicated to news-analysis and who bring far more than opining into view, and write for us here from time to time– and also like Dorian and Shaun and others, for instance, on a regular basis.

    We also have new writers like Sister Patricia, and Jordan who is I think age 23 or so. We will soon have an 18year old business major writing [you would not believe what is being taught in business school, just unreal yet totally cool]– Im just waiting on our new look to upload his insightful article on ‘food scarcity in teens’: how students in high school literally sleep in daytime because of poor quality protein access for years on end.

    Also. Just to give you a peek into how some of our articles come to be written. I sometimes ask our writers to write on certain topics, or send on info to them because I know they would do an excellent job of circling and nailing the topic.

    For instance, yesterday when Tyrone and I were talking, I mentioned to him an oddity I saw in the photo of the young woman accomplice I ran on my article about Paris planner of the slaughter, killed in Paris suburb along with his girl cousin [accomplice] and another man. I was taken aback by the photo for I noted the young woman, who is wearing the hijab with the face veil down which is odd enough in a photo of a seeming conservative muslim woman– but she is also giving a well known USA gang sign. [two fingers of each hand pointing toward each other] So I say to T, how does that old crips and bloods code travel all the way across ocean to some very young muslims in Belgium and France…

    So, soon, we will run an article on this highly unusual matter, coming from Tyrone about which he says most americans dont have a clue about this, and his viewpoint is always dense in fact and utterly original as a good reporter/observer but also as a black man steeping in culture from the North now rust belt, and currently from the South.

    [just a footnote, Last night when I spoke to a local police officer at length about how can crips and blood ‘finger vocab’ go from here, to far far away in a certain layer of Muslim culture, he said, without hesitation that the greatest prosylitizers in jails and prisons for black men incarcerated, are not Christian pastors, but Muslim persons … that the orgs of ‘religion’ inside prisons is rampant and often highly fundementalist, and that ‘most americans dont have a clue about it.’]

    I look forward to Tyrone’s next article, and think you will too.

    Wait wait, isnt that Norm coming in the door with Woody. Hey, hi there Carla, welcome to TMV, the rest of the regulars are waiting for us!

    • KP



  • I’m hoping against hope that we’ll continue to have Rich Textbold, italics, strikeout, etc. — UNICODE, and perhaps some limited font size, lists, images, links, color selections, etc. I’ve had pretty good success with TinyMCE under more restricted conditions than you’re facing.

    I’d be happy to continue to insert my own HTML. Given the nature of this blog, I won’t insist on MathML.

  • semperhonesta

    I recommend you disallow the writers from blocking comments. There is one writer in particular who does not seem to like comments. I have gotten in the habit of checking first, and if comments are not allowed, I won’t bother to read the article. If a writer chooses to silence me, then I won’t hear him, either.

    • archangel

      Our IT guy says it’s a glitch on one person’s posts for reasons I’m sorry I dont understand at present. But will eventually. Until /unless we know what’s going on, hopefully you find other things to read that you like.



      • semperhonesta

        Thanks. I appreciate a site where commenters with differing opinions can have meaningful discussions, rather the the typical insults I see so often on other sites (not that I’m not guilty of that sometime, myself).

      • it’s a glitch on one person’s posts

        It’s unlikely that the bug is specific to him. More likely is that something he does while entering an article has a bug but it happens that no one else does exactly that same thing, so they haven’t run into the bug.

        There was a bug in one of our student systems that was actually specific to one particular guy, but that was because I wrote code to recognize his name and insert the bug. I probably should be ashamed of myself. Interesting fact: he later married the daughter of the guy who invented the computer mouse.

  • joegandelman

    I don’t get into comment often but it is a fact that the writer who people feel is blocking comment is NOT blocking them. If he was, I could unblock the blocking. I can’t. This has to do with some other technical issues. And I also know being in touch with this writer that he (like me) usually just writes a post and moves totally on to other things. So hopefully this will lay this suggestion to rest. He. Is. Not. Blocking. Comments. Under. His. Posts.

    • shannonlee

      Ahh, so he is just posting the emails he gets from his grandmother/mother on TMV and moving onto the next copy and paste πŸ˜›

  • I was involved in an upgrade to some Enterprise Software a few years ago. The transition was supposed to happen smoothly overnight. It ended up taking another 6 months.

  • joegandelman

    With all due respect, this post is about the TMV redo and the issue about the writer where comments don’t appear is a bogus one. it is confirmed he is not putting on any block on and if he did yours truly as the owner of the site could open up comments. They will not open up. Nor is his history on other sites one as closing comments. This deals with Discus and also with a possible technical glitch in another area. .

  • DdW

    Take your time, Tyrone.

    Take a break for Thanksgiving.

    You’re doing great!

  • Prairie_W

    Thanks, Tyrone. There oughta be a medal…!

  • For those of you wondering about comments closing, that will not happen in the new design. That will be all. πŸ™‚

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