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Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in TMV News | 25 comments

Upcoming Site Changes – UPDATED


** UPDATE – 12/3/2015 **
Reminder to myself: when doing site security updates, give yourself more time. 🙂
We will be officially rolling out the new site Friday night through early Saturday morning (12/4 – 12/5). We will come out of the gates functional with all posting and commenting enabled but will be adding more pieces throughout next week. Thank you for your continued patience.


** UPDATE – 11/30/2015 **
We have all bugs swatted and will be rolling out the design change this week. Not giving an exact day this week since we’re waiting on some updates. There will be post explaining the layout when we do change. Thank you for your continued patience.


** UPDATE – 11/25/2015 **
We’ve been having a few snags with the new comment system tests and some social media enhancements (which has delayed roll-out of the new site). We know what’s going on but due to the holiday, things are a bit slow. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this.


The Moderate Voice will be undergoing some drastic changes over the next several days. The most visible change will be the look of the site. The current look and feel is being scrapped for a magazine look that has more content, video, and picture areas. This has been discussed in depth over the past year and now is the time.

The comment area is also changing. We are moving away from Disqus to a custom made comment interface. This means new comment accounts will have to be created (previous Disqus comments will be imported into the new system). The interface blends right into the look and feel.

Tighter site security is being rolled out. You may be asked challenge questions at random times. That will not go away anytime soon. TMV has been hit with way too many hacking attempts (some by commenters) as of late to continue the current way. You may be “bothered” more but we will minimize issues.

There will be more changes (some seen by writers only) that will be active as well (and will be explained).

Expect downtime at various moments throughout the next several days. We will work to keep this to a minimum.

Thank you for your continued support.

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