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  • Slamfu

    Only today’s GOP would be stupid enough to think that an 8th “investigation” would turn up something the previous ones didn’t. How is it they get to act like spoiled children throwing a tantrum and still get taken seriously?

  • DdW

    There is no one like Andy Borowitz for gauging the dark motives of some Republican leaders. This is one of his best, just out this morning:

    Washington was in turmoil on Tuesday morning as a House select committee abruptly cancelled its Benghazi hearings shortly after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she was withdrawing from the Presidential race.

    Secretary Clinton’s stunning announcement came at 9:00 A.M., followed by the committee chairman Trey Gowdy’s decision to cancel the hearings at 9:04.

    “As you know, we have been preparing for this week’s hearings for months,” Gowdy said. “However, after meeting with fellow committee members over the past four minutes, we’ve come to the conclusion that we know all we need to know about Benghazi.”

    Gowdy flatly denied that the decision to cancel the long-awaited Benghazi hearings had anything to do with Clinton’s sudden departure from the race. We wish her well in whatever her future endeavors may be,” he said.

    Read the (surprising) rest here:

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