Around The Blogs

Every evening I take some time to check out some of the political posts and I thought I’d start to share a few of my finds with our readers.

Over at Election Projection they have an overview of the Presidential/Congressional races. This is a site well worth checking out every week.

Instapundit has  a critique of Obama’s commentary on fatherhood and black families.

Heading over to the more partisan sites we have a few posts on the elections. is (not surprisingly) unhappy with Obama’s views on national security while it is equally unsprising that the Huffington Post is unhappy with McCain’s views on the enviroment

Needless to say the views expressed by these posts don’t always reflect the views of myself or this blog (indeed given the diversity of the opinions it would be impossible for them to do so).

But enjoy some diverse reading.

Author: PATRICK EDABURN, Assistant Editor