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Posted by on Mar 11, 2009 in Politics | 10 comments

2010 Republicans: A Moderate Republican Platform?

Jim McGrody, a blogger from Texas, has put together a possible platform for Republicans as they enter the 2010 midterms. It’s called simply, “2010 Republicans.” Here is what he says:

What does it mean to be a 2010 Republican? One often hears the expression, “Strong on defense, fiscally conservative and socially moderate”. Although this is the essence of the answer it does not go far enough to allow the shaping of public policy.

We do hear a lot about being fiscally conservative and socially moderate,” but that doesn’t say a whole lot. So, McGrody started putting together the bones of a plan. The platform is long, but you do need to read the whole thing. Here is a sampling on two topic, fiscal policy and social inclusion:

Fiscally Conservative

A “2010 Republican” believes that tax cuts stir growth and job creation. However, a “2010 Republican” is not necessarily opposed to new spending – provided that such spending is offset, when possible, with appropriate cuts of ineffective programs.

Earmarks should be controlled, if not eliminated. And, there must be transparency in the reporting of all spending. Finally, all spending programs must have a “sunset” date insuring that no program overstays its legislative purpose.

The budget should be balanced and if we forego a tax cut to help bring the budget into balance, so be it.

Fiscal and monetary policy should provide incentives for the private sector to invest in their businesses. Such investment will drive job growth and the economic engine of America.

Common sense regulatory policies are both appropriate and necessary.

Socially Inclusive

A “2010 Republican” believes that there should be no religious litmus test to be a member of the Party.

A “2010 Republican” believes that abortion is a difficult issue and he/she may or may not be pro-life. However, public policy should be so directed as to make abortion rare and a deeply-informed decision. Adoption alternatives should be aggressively developed and funded.

A “2010 Republican” believes that federal funds should not be used for abortions and supports legislation that restricts such use.

A “2010 Republican” believes that end-of-live decisions are a matter between the patient, his or her family and his or her doctor.

A “2010 Republican” believes that social policy should be based on broadly based moral positions and not personally-held religious beliefs.

Rigorous personal integrity and personal responsibility are critical to the successful implementation of social policy.

“2010 Republicans” believe that marriage is, indeed, a sacred institution and should be protected. Given the biological imperative of a marriage between one man and one woman, such marriages should be supported with appropriate legislation and tax policy. However, recognizing the pluralistic nature of American society, civil unions should be recognized.

Equal opportunity must be the rule of law. A “2010 Republican” believes that all men are created equal but that equal ‘outcomes’ must not be socially engineered.

Again, read the whole thing.

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