Kasparov Interrupted

And now for something completely different: A flying….ahem…human member. NO JOKE.

The video is here. (WARNING: ADULT MATERIAL.)

Unconventional chopper targets Putin critic:

Former World Chess Champion and Kremlin critic Garry Kasparov has been attacked by radio-controlled penis during a meeting of opposition activists.

Around 700 opponents of the Kremlin were attending Kasparov’s address in Moscow at the weekend.

Pro-Kremlin demonstrators decided to interrupt Kasparov’s address, designed to unite opposition political forces, by launching a rotor-assisted plastic phallus towards Mr Kasparov.

The unconventional chopper managed to stay up for at least 20 seconds before stunned security guards swiped it out of the air.

The prank was staged by “a couple of pro-Kremlin Young Russia activists” reports the Moscow Times. Mr Kasparov was unharmed.

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  • superdestroyer

    It is interesting to see that the proto-stalinist in Russia use the same tactics that the moveon.org types used in the U.S. Never let your opponent speak and use stunts to shut people up.

  • StockBoySF

    I love it! That’s great…. Maybe I just have a juvenile sense of humor (at times).

    It’s a great way to improve hits on a web video… perhaps not what the activists had in mind since there was no message from them in the video (you just get Kasparov’s side).